Is Chizu Halal?


Farah Fazanna •  Oct 04, 2023

Chizu is a Japanese lifestyle cafe that serves cheese drinks and delicious croissants that look like they're out of a Pinterest board. The smooth and velvety cheese foam crowns over the cheese drinks were made using natural cheese making it the perfect drink for cheese lovers!

The signature drinks include Cheese Americano, Cheese Coffee Frappe and Cheese Oolong.

Pastry lovers would love their wide array of baked goods too. Some of the must-tries include Pandan Coconut Croissant, Milo Dinosaur Croissant, Matcha Mochi Croissant and many more!

So, is Chizu halal?

Chizu had a halal certificate from Jakim back in 2019 and according to our research, the cafe is still in the process of renewal. However, do note that no lard and no alcohol were used in their dishes and drinks. They also use ingredients from halal-certified suppliers. We hope this answers your question and now you can enjoy your favourite beverage without worry!

Address and opening hours: They have outlets in major shopping malls in Malaysia. Check out the full list here.

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