8 Essential Hacks To Up Your Instagram Stories


nabillah roslee •  Sep 01, 2018

Ever looked at your friends’ Instagram stories and wondered why theirs look so much more creative than yours? Or asked yourself, “Why doesn’t it seem like my app has the same functions?!” ?

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Well, we’ve got just the guide for you to post IG stories like never before. From third-party apps to hidden IG functions, here are all the things you probably never knew you could do on Instagram! ?

1. Customize the fonts and colours of your text

You may not know this but your text comes with a gradient of colours beyond the ones you see on display! Simply tap and hold the colour palette for the range of colours to expand, drag over to your desired colour and voila – your text is coloured to your liking.

Another way to diversify your fonts is by manually creating a ‘shadow’ effect. All you have to do is copy and paste your text in a different colour on top of the original one!

Perhaps the same old fonts just won’t do anymore. No fret – in such cases, third-party apps such as HypeType have got you covered ?

#HHWT Tip: If you’re using the free HypeType version and find the watermark unsightly, you can cover it with emojis, gifs or better still, a sticker of your face!


HypeType: iOS

P.S. Check out these other apps you MUST download to edit your travel photography on the go!

2. Use a variety of shooting techniques

Panning isn’t the only way to shoot when it comes to videos on your IG stories! Frame after frame of panning shots might also lose your followers’ attention. Instead, use iMovie to create various effects such as slowing down / speeding up your video! Or you can take several pictures and combine them into one stop-motion video for a more creative twist.

(However, as iMovie is only exclusive to Apple users, we highly recommend VivaVideo for you Android fans instead! ?)

Tired of Boomerang? You can use the features inside your iPhone’s Photos app! Firstly, ensure you’re taking photos with the ‘Live’ function switched on. Next, open the photo on your gallery. Swipe up the picture and turn it into a Loop or Bounce!

Here’s the best part – you can instantly turn your Live photo into a boomerang on IG story! All you have to do is press and hold the photo until it turns from ‘Normal’ to ‘Boomerang’! Who would’ve thought such a function existed? ?

If you’d like to turn its Loop or Bounce version into a video for your IG story, use the Lively app and save as video. (You can also turn yourself into a gif with this app!)

#HHWT Tip: Jump shots look way more epic when you record them in slow motion with your iPhone camera! You can adjust the parts you’d like to slow down using the ‘edit’ function.


iMovie: iOS

VivaVideo: Google Play

Lively: iOS

3. Turn your IG story into an aesthetic photo essay

If you’re an avid follower of influencers, you probably noticed templates like these being used often.

Well, they’re created with an app called Unfold, which has been all the hype these recent days! Unfold provides various frames to make your stories look clean and professional, allowing you to channel your inner photographer by making aesthetic photo essays.

But if you’re more of a colourful person, don’t worry! You can add colours to the background of these templates to create more lively stories.

#HHWT Tip: Don’t forget to play with their variety of fonts! Use different ones for headings and body texts so your text-laden IG stories are easier on the eye.


Unfold: iOS | Google Play

4. Combine your photos and videos in one frame

Ditch the conventional postings and take it to the next level by combining both your photos and videos into one frame!

The Unfold app allows you to do that in not just one template, but in all of the templates provided. However, do be wary that black borders are created around your video if it does not fill the designated space.

This method also allows you to give your followers a further look into what goes on in an otherwise still picture ?

5. Use the pen tool as borders, frames and more!

Don’t have enough storage for all those third-party apps? We’ve got just the solution for you!

The pen tool is such a versatile IG story function that you can use it to create borders, frames and fancy little decorations for your story!

One method I found really interesting is to scrawl across a photo and erase parts which I wish to show. This makes the photo look so much more lively and artsy!

#HHWT Tip: You can also choose your ink from a gradient of colours! Just follow the steps in hack no. 1 and you’re all set.

6. Liven up your story with GIFs!

Ever since Instagram introduced a multitude of new functions, the GIF one has been used a lot – but it never loses its flavour! Beyond adding humour, GIFs can also be used to enliven your story or emphasize your story of the day.

Search for a word/emotion and you’re most likely to find a variety to match what you’re looking for!

#HHWT Tip: You can tap on your GIF to switch its orientation.

7. Beautify your landscape videos with InShot

Tired of the ugly gradient background Instagram provides for your landscape pictures and videos?

InShot is the perfect app to turn your landscape content into portraits that are much more aesthetically pleasing on Instagram story! Add a colour, some text and stickers to give it your own flair.


Inshot: iOS | Google Play

8. Schedule your stories ahead of time

If you’re on holiday, chances are you don’t have the luxury of time to sit down and launch into creative mode as you’re posting your IG stories. And by the time you’re ready to post, it might feel undesirable to spam your followers with so many frames at once!

Your solution lies in this one amazing app – Preview. Schedule your IG stories with time apart from each frame so it doesn’t seem like you’re dumping an entire days’ worth of activities in one shot!

You can also preview the appearance of your IG stories and ensure everything looks fine and dandy before you post your IG story. ?


Preview: iOS | Google Play

Now that you know of these 8 different ways you can up your IG story game, it’s time to start getting creative and let your friends in on this creative side of Instagram. Did we miss out any hacks you have up your sleeves? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section! We'd love to know more ?