15 Picture-Perfect Spots In Hong Kong For Your Dream Instagram Feed


Nasreen Nasir •  Dec 20, 2018

Amazing skyline, idyllic beaches, vibrant neon signs, and halal dim sum - at this point, you’d wonder who wouldn’t fall in love with Hong Kong and its endless offerings? We know we do.

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And with so many sights to offer, the city sounds like a fertile ground for photographers and Instagram enthusiasts. If you consider yourself as one, we’ve got the perfect guide for you! From mountains to street art and heritage sites, time to get your cameras ready.

1. Tai Mo Shan

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Nature enthusiasts, you’ll fall in love with how peaceful and serene Tai Mo Shan is. A great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, this trail boasts stunning views! With an elevation of 957 meters, this mountain is said to be one of the mistiest areas in Hong Kong as “Tai Mo” directly translates to "super foggy" in English. The hike to the highest peak takes about 2 hours, including the walk down and time taken to snap Instagram-worthy pictures along the way ? When you reach the top, your shots will look as though you're literally amongst the clouds!

Getting there: Take the MTR to Tsuen Wan Station and take Exit A. Walk to the bus stop on Tai Ho Road North and take bus 51 to the Country Park stop. The entrance of the country park is on Tai Mo Shan Road.

2. Nam Shan Estate

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Lovers of abstract photography and symmetrical backdrops will definitely fall in love with Nam Shan Estate! Located near Shek Kip Mei MTR, the children’s playground is the spot that attracts visitors. One of the iconic backdrops is the patterned tile floors that form a spectacular shot from above, though admittedly you’d need something like a drone to take that kind of shot but if you’re looking for something simple, take a photo on the semi-circular contraption that shows the building (with various shades of green!) in the background.

Getting there: Take the MTR to Shek Kip Mei station and look for B2 if you’re heading to Nam Shan Estate.

3. Garden Hill, SSP

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Anyone who’s up for a fantastic view of the beautiful Kowloon skyline can take a short hike up Garden Hill in the heart of Sham Shui Po. Once you’re up there, you’ll be greeted with an amazing view of Hong Kong. And that’s when you can start snapping Insta-worthy photos and just enjoy the cool breeze. If time permits, stay for the sunset. The locals love it too!

Getting there: Take Exit D2 at Sham Shui Po MTR station and head to Shek Kip Mei Estate. From there, you’ll see a staircase to the summit near Mei Ho House after a 10-minute walk. Follow the stairs for another 10 minutes and you’ll reach the top.

4. Instagram Pier

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Located on the waterfront of Sai Wan, this place is famous for having gorgeous views of the Victoria Harbour, city skyline, sunsets and more. As one of the six public cargo working areas managed by Hong Kong’s Marine Department, the pier boasts an industrial facade complete with colourful metal containers. Locals and tourists alike have used this to their advantage, using the industrial background as a ‘hipster’ or minimalist backdrop for many of their social posts.

#HHWT Tip: The best time to visit the pier is during the golden hour (from 5-6pm). Catch the glorious sunset and play around with the softer lighting to capture awesome photos.

Getting there: The nearest MTR station is HKU (Hong Kong University) and from there, it’ll take you approximately 20 minutes to get to Instagram Pier on foot.

5. Sai Wan Swimming Shed

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Back in the 1960s-1970s, small swimming sheds were built along the seashore, for locals to take a quick dip in the ocean. Nowadays, these swimming sheds are sparse, and the most famous one that’s still standing is the Sai Wan Swimming Shed! Similar to the Instagram Pier, this place is also in Sai Wan, so you can hit up both locations in one visit! The best time to photograph the pier is at least around half an hour after the sunset, below the skyline. You’ll be able to witness the colours become most vibrant!

Getting there: Alight at Kennedy Town MRT Station, Exit C. It’s a 4-minute walk from there.

6. Cape D’Aguilar

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Located in the south of Shek O, Cape D’Aguilar may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Instagrammable spots, given the fact that it’s not as easy to access due to its location. But believe us when we say the cave was made for cameras as jagged rocks and pristine blue skies await on a sunny day! The rocks form a natural frame over the ocean, making your photos mesmerising and unique. Just shoot at the right angle, and you’ll also catch a beautiful reflection of the waters.

Getting there: Alight at Shau Kei Wan MTR station and find Exit A3. Take Hong Kong Bus 9 at the Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminal and get off at Cape D’Aguilar road. Go along the main traffic road and in 30 to 45 minutes you will arrive at the sea caves by the shore.

7. Tai O Fishing Village

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On the west coast of Lantau Island located just a 15-minute bus ride from Ngong Ping, lies a quaint and picturesque fishing village that is Tai O. What’s special about this village is that it still retains the traditional way of life. Explore the narrow streets while you gaze upon the historic stilted houses and you’ll find plenty of photo-worthy spots, like this iconic carved folding gate! Word has it that it’s rapidly disappearing in modern Hong Kong nowadays and Tai O happens to be one of the places where you can still catch it.

Getting there: The only way to get to Tai O is through Ngong Ping 360. Once you disembark at Ngong Ping station, walk to the Ngong Ping bus terminus which is only 5 minutes away by foot. Take the New Lantao Bus 21 to reach Tai O bus terminus. Travelling time usually takes around 20 minutes.

8. Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts

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Giving new life to old buildings has always been a thing in Hong Kong and Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts is one such example. Once a Central Police Station, the old building returns as Hong Kong’s cultural centre after ten years. Since it’s a cultural hub, you can already tell why it’s on this list. Four words - plenty of photo opportunities! ? As it primarily houses contemporary art exhibitions, heritage offerings and performances, Instagram enthusiasts and photographers alike will fall in love with the interior of the building. It includes a spiral staircase, light displays and of course, infinity mirrors like this one. It’s the perfect place to tell visitors a story of the rich and nostalgic culture and heritage of Hong Kong.

Getting there: Alight at Central MTR Station and find Exit D1. Cross Wellington Street and Lyndhurst Terrace to Hollywood Road.

9. Kowloon Walled City Park

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If you love to get a sense of nostalgia, then Kowloon Walled City Park is the place for you. Before the late 80s, the lost city was a haven of crime and corruption until the government agreed to tear it down. Did you know that it was once the most crowded place on earth? Today, the park preserves traces of the walled city from mosaic pebbled walkways to tiled-roof Chinese pavilions and water rockeries that’ll spice up your Instagram feed ? It’s also famous for wedding photos and magazine shoots so while you’re strolling around, you might see a few of them.

Getting there: Alight at Lok Fu MTR Station and go through Exit B. From there, you can take a taxi to Tung Tau Tsuen Road. Alternatively, you can take Bus 1 from the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier Terminus. Alight at Tung Tau Tsuen Road.

10. Ocean Terminal Deck

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Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, this picturesque deck is a new addition to Ocean Terminal’s new five-storey extension building. Visit the observatory deck and feast your eyes (and your cameras!) to a whopping 270-degree panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, overlooking the entire Hong Kong Island and Kowloon! For photo opportunities, the best time to head there is during sunset, so you can catch the breathtaking view.

Getting there: Alight at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station and find Exit A1. Walk along Haiphong Road for approximately five minutes to Harbour City. Alternatively, take the Star Ferry Central or Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui.

11. Starbucks @ Duddell Street

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Need a cuppa? Forget other coffee stores and head over to Duddell Street where you’ll end up in a rather familiar but nostalgic place - it’s none other than Starbucks! But how is it nostalgic? You’ll be surprised to know that the Duddell Street outlet is the world’s first ever Starbucks store to incorporate a bing sutt corner - a traditional cold drinking house in Hong Kong. Fusing a retro style with a contemporary coffeehouse, you can expect creative and fun photo opportunities around the premise to celebrate the timeless heritage of coffee in Hong Kong! Plus, you get to enjoy a good cup of coffee while you’re at it ?

Getting there: Alight at Central MTR Station and find Exit D1. Walk through Pedder Street to Queen’s Road Central and turn left to Duddell Street.

12. PMQ

Similar to Tai Kwun Centre of Heritage and Arts, PMQ is the acronym for Police Married Quarters and it used to be the residential units of the Hong Kong police force. Now, the complex is a hipster spot in the SoHo district. While you walk past 100 stores selling anything from fashion items to accessories and watches, be on the lookout for the nooks and crannies that make super Instagrammable backdrops! Doesn’t hurt to kill two birds with one stone, right? ?

Directions: PMQ is about 5-10 minutes walk from Sheung Wan (Exit E2), Hong Kong (Exit E1) and Central (Exit C) MTR Stations

13. Lugard Road Lookout

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While most observatory decks in Hong Kong may come with a price, the Lugard Road Lookout is probably one of the places that offer free stunning vistas of Victoria Harbour. Situated at the top of Victoria Peak, Lugard Road is a popular walking path that forms part of the Hong Kong Trail. It’s best to come early though, as many others will be there to catch the view too. But if you’re not here for the ‘gram, you can always take a stroll.

Getting there: From Central MTR Exit J2 turn left onto Jackson Road, follow the curve of Des Voeux Road Central round to the left onto Garden Road to reach The Peak Tram. Upon exiting the Peak Tower, turn right and take the small path and walk approximately 20 minutes to reach the lookout.

14. Sai Ying Pun Murals

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Hong Kong is home to a collection of colourful street art. While you can find most of them at commercial areas like Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, it’s the quieter neighbourhoods like Sai Ying Pun that offer the same opportunity but with fewer crowds. Here, you’ll see that old buildings have been given a colourful facelift. Lose yourself amidst the fantastic murals with themes of art and music created by local and international artists who decorate the facade of building walls in the area. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant backdrop for your new selfie or you’re just a sucker for street art, the Art Lane at Sai Ying Pun is your new turf ?

Getting there: Alight at Sai Ying Pun MTR station and exit through B3. You’ll find Art Lane opposite the station.

15. Lok Wah South Estate

We’re saving the best for last! What you’re looking at is actually part of a playground. Feel the throwback vibes kicking in yet? So do we! And it’s even better that it’s a stomping ground for creative photographers especially with the turquoise-coloured circles that serve as a wildly fascinating backdrop. As it’s one of the most popular Instagrammable spots in Hong Kong, we recommend that you visit during midday as the shadows from the cutouts exude nicer lighting. Other than that, go crazy with your poses or you can always opt for a cute group photo, like ours! ?

Getting there: Alight at Ngau Tau Kok MTR station and take the interchange bus 23M or 28B. Alternatively, you can take bus 28 from Tsim Sha Tsui via To Kwa Wan.

Itching to snap some Insta-worthy photos already? Time to start planning your itinerary and be sure to check these spots off your photo bucket list, because you’re bound to have a blast and discover parts of the city you never knew about before ?

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