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This Insta-Worthy (And Affordable!) Hotel Is Probably KL’s Coolest Staycation Spot


Faruq Senin •  Apr 02, 2019


We can never have too many breaks, can we? The year's zooming by so fast and it's already April! If you feel like you need just a short break to recharge, a staycation is always a good idea ? [P.S. Looking for a romantic staycation with your partner? We've got you covered with these stunning accommodations in KL!]Credit: Giphy What's more, Ramadan is coming and this is the perfect excuse for you to go for a little staycation just before the fasting month starts. Lucky for you, we've found just the hotel that'll suit your fancy - MOV Hotel in KL!
Credit: @stanleydirgapradja on Instagram Located in the heart of KL's main shopping district, Bukit Bintang, MOV is probably one of KL's hippest hotels. The trendy and chic interior of its lobby is enough to make you whip your mobile phones out to snap some photos for the 'gram ? #HHWT Tip: If you're planning on a convenient getaway instead, we've rounded up 8 amazing hotels in KL connected to shopping malls.
Credit: MOV Hotel KL on Facebook The rooms don't disappoint either! High ceilings, open-concept wardrobes with a touch of minimalism and cosy ambience. Trust us, you'll probably spend more time taking photos than actually sleeping ? The rate for their standard twin rooms start from MYR146/night but if you're thinking of splurging, then opt for their lofts instead! There are different types of lofts like Family Lofts (pictured above) and Allure Lofts for couples.
Credit: @nanangolesetiaji on Instagram As if the room isn't swanky enough, you can also relax and unwind at MOV's hammock lounge and rooftop pool area which overlooks Bukit Bintang's skyscrapers. There's a gym for those of you feeling energetic too!
Credit: @mxmsmlv on Instagram Oh, and did we mention there's a slide in the hotel lobby too?? Instead of going through the boring route of taking an elevator to get to the hotel's restaurant, Wurst, you can slide down in fashion instead. Plus, what an amazing activity it will be for those of you with kids! [P.S. Do note that Wurst uses halal meat but it serves alcohol, so do dine at your own discretion.] We're pretty sure by now, you're psyched up to plan that staycation in KL. So, time to gather your loved ones or significant other and enjoy that break you deserve ? P.S. Looking for an escape from the city instead? We've got these 12 stunning Airbnbs in Malaysia you'll definitely love! Address: 43, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Price: From MYR 146 on AgodaReservation: Call +60 3-2781 9888, Email [email protected] or Book on Agoda Website | Facebook | Instagram