8 Influential Muslim Women In Singapore


Syahirah Mazlan •  Mar 07, 2023

Everyone plays different roles in their lives, especially women. They're career women, a sister, a daughter, a mother and so much more! ? In celebration of International Women's Day, HHWT has identified some of the most influential Muslim women in Singapore who can inspire you and give you confidence that you're more than just an individual in the crowd - you are also capable of so much more.

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1. Noralifah Ilyana: Founder Of The Henna Story

Noralifah, 25, is the proud founder of The Henna Story, a one-stop henna service provider based in Singapore! Specialising in bridal henna services, she also does henna parties, private henna appointments and corporate events using safe, 100% freshly handmade natural ingredients in her Natural Henna, Hengua (Jagua Henna) and White Henna products.

Since young, Noralifah always had an interest in art. Taking O-Level Art and architecture in polytechnic, she often found her self diving right into many things creative. In fact, it was in the middle of her polytechnic years that she discovered henna as something that was therapeutic amidst her busy schedule as a student.

In 2021 alone, Noralifah embellished the hands of 300 brides. What a feat!

2. Widyanty: Founder Of Royz Et Vous, Pancake Place & Waffle Place

Born in a kampong and brought up in Bedok, Widyanty is your almost average Singaporean. She worked as a stewardess and in various administrative positions for 13 years. It was only after deciding that she no longer wanted to work for someone else that she thought of starting her own businesses.

At age 30, Widyanty set up entertainment & exhibition businesses from scratch in Kuala Lumpur for the next 12 years before having to move back to Singapore to care for her parents. It was then that she decided to start her own Muslim cafe here in Singapore, resulting in everyone's favourite: Royz Et Vous! Away from the usual 9-5, Widyanty and her brands undoubtedly thrived and became the delicious halal eateries we know and love today.

3. Aisyah: Founder of By Harmoni, Talking Stage and Modestly

Aisyah Ahmad, 29, has 3 incredible fashion businesses despite her young age: By Harmoni, Modestly and Talking Stage!

Her journey started in her first year of university when she realized that she did not want to pursue a career in Real Estate, her degree. It was during this time that Aisyah noticed the hijab industry was booming, and that there were only a few established local hijab brands. Knowing that she had something different to offer, she started By Harmoni.

As By Harmoni grew, Aisyah started to expand her business into modest clothing with Modestly, before more recently diving into her latest passion project, Talking Stage, which sells gelato and drinks like coffee, milkshakes, coffeeshakes and butterbeer (coming soon!).

4. Sarah Bagharib: Founder Of Crazycat

Sarah Bagharib is the founder of Crazycat, a media and community platform that helps everyday women shine and build their confidence through digital content, events, workshops and experiences.

Sarah started Crazycat in her mid-twenties. On her own journey of self-discovery, Sarah hoped to find a community of other women who were seeking similar answers to similar questions. When she couldn't quite find the community she had hoped for, she decided to build one on her own!

5. Jayina Chan: Founder of Anyameals

Jayina/Jannah is a proud Muslim revert who runs a halal baby food business, Anya Meals, alongside with her husband and her two beautiful young children! Her business focuses on nutrition by creating healthy meals and soup stocks for little ones made only with honest and organic ingredients.

Jayina's journey first started when her child, Anya, started weaning. Jayina started posting about her meals on her personal Instagram page as a form of food diary. As she documented her food experiments, she began pushing her culinary boundaries by researching about the different ingredients and cooking methods that would naturally enhance the flavours and nutritional value of her meals. And as time went by, parents started showing interest in our food!

6. Rumaizah: Founder of MeringueKind

Rumaizah is the founder of Meringuekind, a bespoke meringue cookies home based business! Their melt-in-your-mouth cookies come in many forms including caricatures, characters, and more! They are perfect for gifting and desserts for themed parties.

7. Juliana Jahayes: Founder of Julie Bakes

Juliana Jahayes, better known as Julie is the founder of everyone's favourite cake shop in Bugis - Julie Bakes! Julie began her baking journey as a home baker making cakes for her family before it began a profession. She and her siblings grew up enjoying local delicacies made by her late mother who was talented at cooking and baking. Years later, she found passion in baking and left her day job in 2016 to pursue baking full-time! In a bid to preserve traditional flavours (as seen through her iconic flavours like Ondeh Ondeh, Puteri Salaut and more) Julie won SG Heroine Award this year for her passion, hard work, and vision!

8. Diana Rahim: Editor at Beyond The Hijab

Diana Rahim is the Editor at Beyond The Hijab, an online publication that shares stories of everyday Muslim women that are lesser heard. Beyond The Hijab began four years ago as a platform for Muslim women to share their stories. It's a platform for women to speak their truth and share their experiences in their own words, and to feel safe doing so. Some of the topics discussed are far from what you'll find in the media - it's essentially a deep dive if you're ready to have that conversation. Whether it’s mental health, sexuality, domestic violence, or education, Diana Rahim hopes to give women the power through words to speak (under a pseudonym).

Did these amazing ladies inspire you? ? It shouldn't take International Women's Day for us to celebrate the talent and excellent women in our orbit. Additionally, let's continue to work hard and be the best versions of ourselves!