NEW: This Is The Indomie Onigiri Everyone's Obsessed About


Faruq Senin •  Jun 13, 2018

If you're a fan of instant noodles, Indomie is probably one of your favourite must-have snacks at home. With its lip-smacking flavour and springy texture of the noodles, it's the best comfort food ever ?

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Now if you think that Indomie is great on its own, wait till you try Indomie Onigiri ? This snack took Indonesia by storm when it was launched at a convenience store chain in Medan a few days ago. For the uninitiated, onigiri is a Japanese convenience store snack consisting of rice and fish or meat wrapped in seaweed but this one has Indomie instead!

Credit: @seleramakan on Instagram

Who would have thought that this idea was possible? Other than Indomie, the onigiri also has a slice of green chilli in it. We can totally see why this is going viral in Indonesia - you can savour your favourite Indomie in just a few bites. What's more, you don't have to go through the hassle of cooking it yourself ? Not to mention that it's good as a quick meal fix too.

Credit: @medanreview on Instagram

The Indomie Onigiri is currently only available at all K3 Marts in Medan and each onigiri costs 10,900 IDR (USD 0.78). The snack is actually the chain's original creation and they made it because the owner is an Indomie lover! And in case you're wondering - yes, it's halal-certified.

Credit: @nyantapnyantap on Instagram

But creative Indomie snacks aren't entirely a new idea. Last month, a cafe in Jakarta started selling Indomie donuts which went viral on social media and there were even recipes online on how to make it. So, who knows what other creative Indomie snacks we'd see next ?

While the Indomie Onigiri is getting snapped up across convenience stores in Medan, we're hoping it'll be available in other parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore too. But for those of you planning to visit Medan anytime soon and you're craving some Indomie, head down to any K3 Mart near you and get yourself an Indomie Onigiri!