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NEW: The First Halal Indomie Cafe Is Coming To Singapore


Cheng Sim •  Oct 18, 2019


There are many things in life that we find absolutely comforting. For most of us, it happens to be a bowl of Indomie. Whether you enjoy them in piping hot soup or stir-fried, it’s the meal that wins us over when hunger hits. If you think you’ve tried every possible Indomie combinations, wait till you see what this new café in Singapore has in store!
Credit: Giphy Opening on 25 October 2019, say hello to IndoBowl, the first halal Indomie café in Singapore! Run by the team behind Royz et Vous, one of Singapore’s top cafes, you know something delicious is coming your way. Have you heard about their new outlet? We’ll tell you where at the end of this article! Conveniently located at Sultan Gate, IndoBowl is only a 10-minute walk from Bugis MRT station. Beaming with casual and cosy ambience, check out the must-try dishes that would be perfect for weekday lunches and weekend hangouts.
1. Indomie Dendeng
Credit: IndoBowl on Facebook Order a bowl of Indomie Dendeng ($10.90), and you’ll be served with a serving of deliciousness. Shining the spotlight on dendeng balado, also known as spicy beef jerky in Indonesia, you’ll realise how tasty it is when enjoyed together with a sunny side up. The cucumber slices are there for a reason because the sambal is said to be really spicy!
2. Sate Ayam Madura
Credit: IndoBowl on Facebook While some prefer to enjoy satay as a starter, others love it as a side dish. Whichever way you prefer, the flavours of IndoBowl’s Sate Ayam Madura ($8.90) is pretty close to the popular delicacy in Indonesia. With each chicken skewer grilled to perfection, they take it to the next level by dipping it with madura sauce, which is made primarily with sweet soy sauce for a touch of sweetness.
3. Indomie Mumbo Jumbo
Credit: Royz et Vous Come with your loved ones and enjoy Indomie Mumbo Jumbo ($49.90) to the fullest. A massive Indomie platter that is perfect for four people, it includes lip-smacking chicken, lamb, beef and seafood. Topped with sunny side ups, cucumber slices and spicy sambal, you’ll definitely be having an Indomie party at your table!
4. Nasi Goreng Iga
Credit: Royz et Vous If your friend is not the biggest noodle lover, tell them that Nasi Goreng Iga ($20.90) is the next best thing at IndoBowl. Paired with iga, which means short ribs in Indonesia, you’ll never look at Indonesian fried rice the same way again. Tender and flavourful, these beef short ribs are marinated and braised with IndoBowl’s very own blend of herbs, spices and soy sauce.
5. Ropang Coklat Keju
Credit: IndoBowl on Facebook To balance the savoury flavours you had for the day, the Ropang Coklat Keju is a good way to wrap up your dining experience with a sweet finish. A well-loved Indonesian-style toast, it’s drizzled with sweet chocolate sauce and topped with grated cheese - just the way every toast in the world should be. Halal status: Muslim-owned Average price of main dishes: $12 Opening hours: To be updated after their opening day on 25 October 2019Address: 39, Sultan Gate, Singapore 198487 Website | Facebook | Instagram
BONUS: Royz et Vous opened a new outlet!
Credit: @zuuhairahh on Instagram If you think that sums up everything new from Royz et Vous, they'll be opening a new outlet at Sultan Gate on 25 October 2019! Situated next to IndoBowl, you can walk over to Royz et Vous to try kampong buffalo wings, lamb shank tulang merah, rendang duck pasta, beef short ribs and banana crumble! We love this café so much that we even listed them in our awesome halal cafes to try in Singapore this 2019! #HHWT Tip: While waiting for their new outlet opening, check out their current outlet at Telok Ayer Street. You can find their exact address on their website. Halal status: Muslim-owned Average price of main dishes: $22 Opening hours: To be updated after their opening day on 25 October 2019Address: 37, Sultan Gate, Singapore 198485 Website | Facebook | Instagram
Credit: Giphy Now that there are many ways to savour Indomie, every visit is a surprise to the palate at Singapore’s first halal Indomie café, IndoBowl. The fact that they’re located next to Royz et Vous means that you’re never far away from soft shell crab pasta and beef short ribs too. While it’s tough to choose between dining at IndoBowl and Royz et Vous, we suggest skipping the decision-making and try the best of both! This article is brought to you by Royz et Vous