IG Worthy Spot Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


Takeem Mura •  Feb 18, 2020

One of the IG worthy place in Kyoto, Japan that you must visit.

I’ve been to this area twice. Because I’m a big fan of a ninja and samurai culture. So to be

surrounded by bamboo forest is just a surreal experience. My inner child just consumes

myself to unleash my inner ‘batosai’ spirit imitating Kenshin Himura one my favourite

samurai character. Ok enough with that.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Japan

So the first time I’ve been here with my friends, there were 4 of us and i remember the

feeling stepping into this environment.

It is also amazing how it’s just a few minutes

away from Saga-Arashiyama Station. So we just get there from Kyoto using the JR

Pass and its very convenient. It was quite crowded that time, but you just need to be

patient to get some good photo.

The second time I’ve been here is with my wife in 2017 as I promise here before that

one day I will bring her to witness and experience this place. Both of us are really

into nature vibe which really fits us and this time it has become bigger than the last

time where they have added extra space for us to walk around the bamboo forest

area. So that it won’t be so crowded.

Its not impossible to gdt picture of you alone in the forest. You need to get there before the sunrise, or as early in the morning as possible. But if not you just need to wait for the right moment to get the picture. It might not be the same in the spring and fall where the weather is best for walking. Summer might not be the ideal time to walk around as its quite hot and steamy. The bamboo grove itself was wonderful. It was quiet and green and very insta-worthy. We did not need a guide as there were maps available and the cell signal is very good. 1-2 hour is enough to spent time appreciating nature there. 

If the timing is winter or after raining day, the place will be more amazing and nice photo-taking spot.

When the wind passes through, you will see the nature sound of bamboo branches and leaves. What a great getaway for the hustle-bustle of the city life.

Besides the bamboo forest, if you go there in autumn or other festive season, the other side of the Arashiyama bridge is also a nice place to visit. You can also spot a cherry blossom  tree nearby to take some great photo for the gram. I’ve managed to take some for my wife as thats what insta husband do best right.

10-15mins walk from Arashiyama station and there are some shops/eateries along the way so you won’t find too boring a walk. A lot of local handmade souvenir that you can get at a very reasonable price .

You can also enjoy local Halal washoke at Yoshiya Restaurant nearby. 

Truly, this is a 'must-visit' if one visits Kyoto. Its worth the time if you are nature lover and into beatiful scenery. Next target will be bringing our kids to this place. We were so glad we made it.