11 Iconic Local Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Were From Singapore


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 10, 2022

Off the top of your head, can you name any local lifestyle brands from Singapore? Our country may be small but there’s so many unique and exciting labels for you to explore. From bags and skincare to furniture, don’t get overwhelmed by the local talent. ? We’ve compiled 11 iconic local brands you probably didn’t know were from Singapore so you can #supportlocalbrands!

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1. Love, Bonito

You wouldn’t think that this brand is a local one but it definitely is! ? You’ll find chic cutting and bright colours fit for the modern day woman, from casual to work-wear. The brand focuses on empowering woman to find their own voice in the form of fashion. The styles are designed in Singapore and suitable for an Asian physique. Love, Bonito is an evolving brand that journeys with women, taking on a meaningful approach to fashion to discuss social impact programs like Health & Wellness and Women's Rights.

Love, Bonito

Address & Opening hours: Various locations


2. Charles & Keith

Known worldwide for their affordable luxury fashion bags, Charles & Keith is a local brand established in 1996 with a vision of empowering women to express themselves through accessible yet stylish fashion! ? If you love bags, you’ll know of exactly how easy it is to find a Charles & Keith near you. All their bags are trendy and perfect for any occasion. Not to mention, their saddle bags have trended for months now for being an accessible alternative for the famous and obnoxiously expensive Dior saddle bag. Keep a lookout for their sales for you to take advantage of the low prices and snag a bag or two!

Charles & Keith 

Address & Opening hours: Various locations


3. Birds of Paradise

If you love ice creams and gelato, you’ve probably heard of this brand, but did you know that it’s from Singapore? This Muslim-friendly shop offers unique tropical and local spins on their sweet treats! ? On top of being well-known amongst the youthful crowd, Birds of Paradise is also a Michelin-Recommended local gelato brand that excels in various local ice cream flavours using local produce like lemongrass, pandan leaves and roses. Their ice creams and gelatos don’t have alcohol or pork products making it Muslim-friendly and a great way to cool off from Singapore’s heat.

Birds of Paradise

Halal status: Muslim-friendly

Address & Opening hours: Click here for the full list


4. Mr Bean

We’ve probably had Mr Bean’s iconic pancakes and fresh soymilk way too many times before. ? This delicious brand is 100% Singaporean and is the country's leading soybean food and beverage retailer! ?From one single hawker store in 1995 and just two products, soya milk and beancurd, to today’s soybean empire of over 70 chain stores and over 40 products, Mr Bean is a true Singapore success story! In addition to soy milk pouches and dairy-free ice cream, Mr Bean also offers products made from the by-products of soy milk production, such as soy granola bars.

Mr Bean

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address & Opening hours:Click here for the full list


5. Camel

This brand has been known for generations now. Over 40 years of expertise makes Camel nuts a popular snack brand amongst many locals. Mention this brand to any Singaporean, and most likely they’ll be able to recognise it and even say which kinds of nuts they enjoy! ? You can always enjoy top-quality nuts to snack on if it’s at Camel.



6. Eagle Brand

When you have a headache, tummyache or nausea, Eagle Brand green oil and roll-ons are the first thing you’d reach for. ? Truly an iconic brand that’s been a household remedy for many Singaporeans! Their most popular and best-selling products are their Lavender roll-on and Medicated Oils which have been known to for their refreshing fragrance and solution to any aches and pains.

Eagle Brand



Known for their trendy styles and quality craftsmanship at accessible prices, PAZZION delivers effortlessly stylish shoes for all occasions. The majority of their shoes are crafted from quality calf leather and lambskin for ladies to stride confidently and easily. Each collection is carefully considered to reflect the latest in trends at an affordable price! ?You can also shop for bags to go with your shoes at their store.


Address & Opening hours: Click here for the full list


8. Pearlie White

Pearlie White is a homegrown brand that sells oral care products that are suitable for everyone to use! ? As Singapore’s only oral care manufacturer, the brand was a family legacy that dates back to 1869. Now, it’s available at almost every supermarket shelf and has become a household name and staple. 

Pearlie White


9. SK Jewellery

SK Jewelery was founded in 2003 with the belief that luxury accessories should be accessible to everyone. Known for its pure gold jewelry, and its contemporary designs without sacrificing time-honored traditions, the brand has stores all over the city. Each piece is a heirloom, and can be passed down from generation to generation! ?

SK Jewellery


10. Uncle Saba’s Poppadom

Here’s a fun story: Uncle Saba was 75 years old when he founded Uncle Saba's Poppadoms, Singapore's only ready-to-eat lentil chips. He wanted to give the traditional Indian poppadom a modern upgrade, and turn it into a convenient snack. ? The brand quickly saw success and became every Singaporean’s favourite everyday treat. His super crunchy, halal, gluten-free poppadoms are now available in more than 25 countries!

Halal status: Halal-certified


11. Beyond The Vines

Anyone who loves quirky and colourful items MUST check out Beyond The Vines. Started by a husband and wife duo, Beyond The Vines creates unique accessories and fashion items from XL Dumpling to Micro Dumpling bags with the former being their most popular item on the shelves! The XL Dumpling bags are big and have a ruching on the top that lets it close up with a pull on the drawstrings (that makes it look much like a dumpling). ? It’s great for travelling and keeping lots of items!

Beyond the Vines


So, did you know these brands were local? ?If there are any more iconic local brands that people aren’t aware of, let us know! SHARE this article and don’t forget to #supportlocalbusinesses when you can!