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6 Reasons Why We'd Travel To Iceland When It's Safe To Do So


Faruq Senin •  Jun 01, 2020


The pandemic has certainly ignited our wanderlust and given us time to think about all the destinations we want to visit when it's finally safe to do so. One place that's on our bucket list for sure is Iceland! There are so many breathtaking attractions and things to do in Iceland. The land of ice and fire certainly doesn't disappoint with the stunning Northern Lights, majestic mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and more ? Here are 6 reasons why we'd travel to Iceland when it's safe to do so.
1. The country is welcoming tourists very soon
Iceland has set its reopening date for international tourists - 15June 2020. And it's opening with much caution too. When entering Iceland in the future, travellers will have to take a free COVID-19 test or show proof that they have recently tested negative for the virus. If you're cleared, then you'll be free to explore the country! If not, you'll be quarantined for 14 days.
Let's face it, after COVID-19, a lot of us might have doubts to travel far again but seeing countries like Iceland step up its health and safety checks will definitely help to restore our confidence in travelling. As one of the first few countries to come up with an organised plan for tourists, Iceland has definitely set a precedent on how travelling to other countries will be like in future. While many of us are still facing travel restrictions right now, we are definitely saving up for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iceland ? P.S. Check out which other countries are easing travel restrictions in our article:
2. Iceland has been successful in containing COVID-19
It's unlikely that COVID-19 will go away anytime soon and we'd have to live with it even as we start to explore the world again. Social distancing on planes and increased hygiene measures in hotels will definitely be the new normal. It's only practical that we'll be heading to countries which have been successful in containing the virus, and Iceland fits the bill perfectly.
To date, the country only has above 1800 cases and 10 deaths, It even started testing suspected cases as early as January even when the virus wasn't spreading in Europe. According to reports, around 40% of its population have downloaded its COVID-19 tracing app - this download rate is the best in the world! According to Lonely Planet, Iceland's minister of tourism, industry and innovation has also said that they are committed to having the necessary systems in place to create a safe travel experience for travellers. P.S. Save up for your future Iceland trip and check out this article for more inspiration on Iceland:
3. Breathtaking natural landscape
Ask anyone who has been to Iceland and they'd sing praises of its magical natural landscapes. Its waterfalls, glaciers and geothermal pools will leave you in awe and visiting them is an otherworldly experience.
From the magic of the Skogafoss Waterfall to Godafoss, which is aptly nicknamed the "Waterfall of the Gods", Iceland's waterfalls are a sight to behold ? The country's most famous glacier lagoon, Jokusarlon is also where you'd be able to snap plenty of pictures of its stunning glaciers and hike in its ice cave. Iceland is also home to geological wonders like the Thingvellir National Park, where 2 continental tectonic plates meet, giving birth to awe-inspiring natural formations.
Iceland's natural hot springs and man-made pools are also worth visiting. Some of the most sought after are the Reykjadalur Hot Springs, The Blue Lagoon and Seljavallalaug, also known as the first swimming pool ever built in Iceland!
4. The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights is one of the biggest reasons why we want to visit Iceland. You've probably seen pictures of this spectacularly breathtaking phenomenon (also called Aurora Borealis) or heard your friends tell their experience with the magnificent dancing lights.
There's nothing like seeing this ethereal phenomenon with your very own eyes ? It's truly a life-changing experience! But planning a trip to see the Northern Lights can be a tricky affair. Late September to late March is the best time to visit, simply because it gets dark as early as 6PM, giving you longer hours of fully dark nights. December is also the darkest month, which might increase your chances of seeing the lights more vibrantly. We've compiled all these tips and more in this article:
5. There are plenty of chances to travel in isolation
Ever since the pandemic, we've heard the term "social distancing" a lot. As airlines, hotels and attractions around the world gear up for the reopening of the travel industry, they have taken a lot of measures to ensure that travellers keep a safe distance. That's to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19.
With only a population of over 350 thousand and its attractions located far apart from each other, Iceland is the perfect destination to travel in isolation. You can uncover its gems safely without having to worry about huge crowds ? One of the most popular ways to get around Iceland is by going on a road trip. Not only are road trips ideal for travelling in a post-COVID world, they also allow you to make stops whenever you want and soak in Iceland's beauty. Some tour operators, like Hidden Iceland, are also changing their group sizes to make it smaller and provide accommodation at secluded guesthouses. Iceland also has plenty of camping sites and glamping resorts so you can take social distancing to another level - you won't even need to meet a fellow traveller if you don't want to. Some glamping resorts, like the Panorama Glass Lodge, offers a memorable view of the Northern Lights in the comfort of your room ? P.S. To plan your future road trip in Iceland, check out our guide here:
6. You can make a difference as Muslim travellers
As a Muslim traveller, travelling becomes more meaningful now in light of the pandemic. Travelling gives us the chance to connect with others around the world.
As the country is boosting its tourism sector and economy after COVID-19, this is the time for Muslim travellers to travel there to admire Allah's wonders. At the same time, it is our chance to show what Muslims are like and to spread the message of peace. Most of the Muslim-friendly food options in Iceland now are only centred around its capital, Reykjavik. But as more Muslim travellers visit Iceland, who knows, we might able to see more Muslim-friendly options in other parts of Iceland as well many years down the road. While we still can't travel now, these 6 reasons are definitely why Iceland is on our bucket list for now. When the time is right to travel, we'll surely grab the opportunity to travel to this beautiful country ?