Admire The Beautiful Bloom Of Hydrangeas Surrounding Japan's Longest Suspension Bridge


Ili •  Jun 22, 2021

One of the places we miss travelling to the most is Japan. With plenty of delicious halal food in Tokyo and iconic attractions like Universal Studios Japan, we can't wait to jet off to the Land of The Rising Sun once the world recovers from the pandemic. Not to mention the various blooming seasons that shower the country with beautiful flowers! Now that it's summertime in Japan, hydrangeas are making their presence known - especially at Mishima Skywalk in Shizuoka prefecture.

Located about an hour away and 45 minutes away from Tokyo, Mishima Skywalk is the longest suspension footbridge in Japan - measuring at about 400m - and is also popular for hosting one of the biggest hydrangea festivals near the capital city. Visitors of all ages are known to flock to the attraction to catch sight of the blue hydrangeas blooming in summer every year.

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According to Time Out Tokyo, the festival will be featuring about 13,000 hydrangeas of 205 varieties, including Natsuzora (Summer Sky), Skywalk, and Hao, the venue's three original hydrangea species. In anticipation of the visitors, spots for snapping photos will be found on the north side of the bridge where the visitors will not only get great shots of the hydrangeas but also a glimpse of Mt Fuji.

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