I've Been Tracking Year-End Flight Tickets On SQ From SIN-HND Since Mar, Here's What It Looks Like


Tengku Suzana •  Aug 28, 2023

As the year draws to a close, many of us are eagerly looking for the perfect year-end getaway. And if you've ever found yourself glued to your screen, eagerly tracking flight prices and dreaming of your next adventure, you're not alone. I've taken on the exciting task of tracking flight ticket prices from Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo Haneda (HND) on Singapore Airlines (SQ) since March of 2023, and boy, do I have some fascinating insights to share! So, if you're like me (hello! Suzana, the co-founder of HHWT here) and planning to travel this year end holiday, let's dive into the world of flight ticket trends and see how they've been dancing through the months!

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As someone who's perpetually hit by the travel bug, I've always been on the lookout for savvy ways to score the best flight deals. Tracking flight prices isn't just a hobby; it's a strategic game that lets me turn my travel dreams into reality without breaking the bank. My fascination with tracking flight prices actually began with a mix of excitement and wanderlust.

You see, after my recent Tokyo trip with my family in February (you can check out outUltimate 6D5N Tokyo Itinerary For A Fun Family Vacay With Kids here!), I returned home with that classic post-travel itch to explore more. Japan has this magical grip on me, a bit of an addiction, you could say. So, as I reminisced about the vibrant streets of Tokyo, I found myself pondering: What if I could make another escape by year-end?

Analysis: Current Flight Prices (August 2023)

Before we dive deeper into my tracking adventure, let's take a peek at the current flight prices for the SIN-HND route. As of August 2023, the prices for economy class tickets are ranging from SGD$650 to SGD$800 per adult for a round trip. I've been tracking the prices since March this year and it's interesting to see the fluctuation in the prices throughout the year!

(From here, I'll be mentioning flight prices for 2 adults + 1 child)

For travelers eagerly planning their journey from Singapore's Changi Airport (SIN) to Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND), understanding the flight ticket trends is a vital step in securing the best deals. Looking at the price fluctuations for a round trip for 2 adults and 1 child, a clear pattern emerges.

Flight ticket trends for 2 adults + 1 child (round trip to HND Airport)

This intriguing trend highlights several noteworthy points for travelers to consider. Firstly, March's steep price indicates the importance of avoiding last-minute bookings. April's dip presents an opportune window for budget-conscious travelers, but May and June's surge emphasizes the significance of booking well in advance to secure lower fares. July's decrease could be a sign of mid-summer flexibility, while August showcases fluctuation within the same month.

TLDR; To capitalize on the best deals, planning ahead – ideally around the April sweet spot – appears to be the strategy of choice. For those with fixed schedules, monitoring August for possible drop periods could prove advantageous. Ultimately, this analysis underlines the importance of flexibility, early booking, and vigilant observation in navigating the dynamic landscape of flight ticket prices.

You know, tracking flight prices wasn't really the norm for me until this whole Tokyo saga. Back in January, when I decided to whisk my family away to Japan, I managed to grab flight tickets for just over SGD$1,000 – not bad for a bit of last-minute spontaneity, right? But as soon as I touched down in Singapore, a new itch began. It's like Japan cast a spell on me that only more ramen and scenic hikes could cure.

Now, here's a little tidbit from the past: Before the pandemic, I had this knack for scoring some fantastic deals. I remember bagging tickets for a December escapade to Tokyo, landing at the oh-so-convenient Haneda airport, for around SGD$700+! It's amazing how things change, isn't it? But enough about the past – let's talk about my grand hypothesis.

When I started this tracking journey, I had this sneaking suspicion that flight prices wouldn't hit the roof nine months in advance. I mean, who plans that far ahead, right? My guess was that the prices would start picking up some serious steam around the six-month mark. But hey, a quick disclaimer: I was tracking a similar route and timing to my pre-COVID adventure, so there was a bit of optimism at play.