Adulting 101: I’m A Gen Z & Here’s How I Help My Busy Mom Feel Less Stressed About Ramadan 2023


Syahirah Mazlan •  Apr 10, 2023

COVID has changed the world so much from the way we socialise to the way we Muslims worship. While life has changed and returned to normalcy once again, one thing remains constant – that moms are still stressed during this time of year and mine is no different! Everyone knows that Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection and unity for Muslims all over the world but for many Muslim moms, Ramadan can also be a time of added stress and responsibility. That’s why I’m going to use my tech savviness to help my mom this year (I’m a Gen Z)! Here are some of the ways I helped my mom feel less stressed about Ramadan 2023 and Raya prep from sahur to iftar and beyond! ?

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Ordering iftar meals on GrabFood so mom doesn’t have to cook everyday

We absolutely love cooking in my family, and my mom is a pro when it comes to preparing iftar meals (she has high standards for food!). We seldom eat out during this month, and my mom emphasises the importance of serving a hearty homemade meal every evening. So, to help her stop worrying about what to cook, I have been strategically selecting days of the week to order from GrabFood for iftar! ? What I love about GrabFood is that it offers a wide range of halal food options, promotions, and deals that are perfect for the whole family, and it takes the pressure off my mom to prepare everything herself. 

Recently, we decided to order Domino’s Pizza to enjoy for iftar! The great thing about ordering pizza for iftar is that it can be easily shared among family and friends. It’s so easy to order from GrabFood too, not to mention we got to enjoy a special promotion (only on the app) of 57.9% OFF The Coca-Cola Hari Raya Bundle (U.P. $114.40 | Promo: $48) which came with 3 Regular Pizzas, Cheesy Mozzarella Stix, Crazy Chicken Crunchies and 4 cans of Coke Zero. ? We even had enough to share a box with our neighbours!

We live with my grandma who has a traditional palate so to please her and ensure she didn’t feel left out, we also ordered Crave, known for their scrumptious selection of nasi lemak. We got to enjoy 16% OFF The Satay Sedap Bundle (U.P. $29.60 | Promo: $24.80)! Even grandma was excited about this promotion and telling us about what a good deal it was.

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Using GrabMart for groceries and desserts

My mom is truly amazing - she always finds the time to cook for our family, even when she's super busy! ? Since my parents are shift workers, we usually do a big grocery run once a month to stock up on all our kitchen and home necessities. However, sometimes we do forget to grab a few items, and it can really make preparing iftar a bit of a challenge.

I like to think that I’m a little more tech savvy than my mom (sorry mom!). So, when everyone’s tired from work, we use GrabMart for drinks and desserts! Mom is basically MacGyver so she could always whip up something from nothing when it comes to cooking but we always forget to buy desserts for iftar! That’s the last thing on our minds when we’re busy with work. 

We ordered a few items from Cheers on GrabMart to avoid having to fight over who should go and run the last minute errands. ? We like to buy Prego Quick Cook Pasta - Mushroom Carbonara Mac, Naspac Pudding with Nata De Coco, and Carman's Muesli Bars as Ramadan staples in our pantry. You can even enjoy up to 20% OFF Raya Essentials when you purchase at Cheers! My sister and I are sweet tooths so instead of begging our mom to make us a sweet treat (we used to do this alot as kids because mom was so good at cooking!), we ordered some bakes from Annabella Patisserie Macarons! And because we ordered on GrabMart, we get 30% OFF storewide on our order. Sweet! 

If you’re craving for something sweet too or looking to pick-up a few ingredients for iftar, click here to order now on GrabMart!

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Shopping for Raya using PayLater

One of our favourite things to do as a family when getting ready for Raya is shopping for new furniture and clothes! #QualityTime ? However, with my family's conflicting work schedules, it has become increasingly difficult to find time that works for everyone. That's where shopping with Grab comes in!

Under the ‘Shopping’ section within the Grab app, I’m able to find a huge variety of brands that have everything my family may need for Raya, from fashion brands to home furnishing stores! Plus, checking out with PayLater by Grab allows us to split our payments into 4 monthly instalments with 0 interest, 0 hidden fees.

Shopping with Paylater also lets us enjoy exclusive deals at our favourite brands, such as:

Credit: Courtesy of HipVan

  • HipVan PayLater promo:

$70 OFF $599 I $180 OFF $1299 | $500 OFF $2999

+ FREE Delivery with no min. spend (usual min. $250 spend)

Credit: Courtesy of Adrianna Yariqa 

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5% off min spend $80, capped at $20

This way, I can help my family get our Raya outfits or home items that we need, while taking the pressure off my mom to find time to bring us shopping - a double win! ??

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Ramadan and Raya preparations are significant events that hold a special place in the hearts of Muslims worldwide. Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection and self-improvement. I really want to make the most of Ramadan this year and I'm hoping to help my mom out by making it a stress-free month for her too. It will definitely make our Ramadan enjoyable too! ?

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