How To Disinfect Your Hotel Room When You’re Travelling Again


Cheng Sim •  May 28, 2020

The pandemic has definitely changed our hygiene habits in a big way. We're now stepping up our hygiene when shopping in the supermarket and preparing ourselves with more hygiene tips for our future travel plans. After getting off the plane and swiping the keys to your hotel room, you might be wondering, "how to disinfect a hotel room?". Here are some steps on how to clean a hotel room when travelling during the pandemic.

1. Check if the hotel is certified as clean and safe

Credit: Hilton Singapore on Facebook

It's a challenging time for the hotel industry around the world. Housekeeping may be working hard to ensure that your room is extra clean, but what can hotels do to regain the trust of its guests when hygiene is a top priority?

Before making a room reservation, check if the hotel is certified as clean and safe. In Singapore, premises such as hotels will be certified with the SG Clean quality mark after fulfilling strict requirements.

In Malaysia, the Malaysian Association of Hotels will also be introducing a 'clean and safe' certification as a guarantee that cleaning and sanitisation processes are done according to the Health Ministry's guidelines.

In the next few months, we can also expect more hotels to improve their cleaning and housekeeping standards based on the guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

2. Wash your hands first

As soon as you step into your hotel room, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. After touching various points in the hotel lobby such as the reception desk, door handle, room key, and elevator buttons, washing your hands frequently can prevent yourself from contracting the Coronavirus.

3. Wipe your suitcase

The next thing you should do is to wipe your suitcase, including your handbag if you're carrying one. After going through the airport, luggage belt and public transport, it's another step you can take to maintain cleanliness at all times. Here are some things you can pack in your suitcase:

4. Disinfect the touchpoints in your room

It's important to bring some disinfecting wipes or disinfectant spray to clean the main touchpoints in the room. Here are some places you can start with:

  • Door and window handles
  • Light switches
  • Table lamp
  • Refrigerator door
  • Remote control
  • Iron
  • Desk

If you're afraid that you'll miss a spot, make sure to have some disinfecting wipes on your desk, so you can clean anything before using. There are also other things to remember like rewashing glasses, mugs and spoons available in your room before making a drink.

5. Clean the surfaces in your bathroom

After disinfecting your bedroom, move over to your bathroom and wipe down various main surfaces.

  • Sink, water tap and mirror
  • Toilet cover and flush handle
  • Light switches
  • Hotel toiletries including shampoo and soap bottles

If you're planning to get housekeeping to tidy up your room during your trip, you can also repeat the process to ensure that it's properly disinfected.

6. Set aside the decorative pillow and comforter

Decorative pillows and comforters are normally changed the least amount of time, and you can't be too sure about the previous guest's hygiene. Before sleeping on your bed, set aside the top cover and decorative pillows. If you like, you can also bring your own pillowcase or lay out your bedsheet before you get some shut-eye.

To save the trouble, you can also get gadgets like the Cleansebot, the world's first pocket-sized sanitizing and disinfecting robot that uses UV ray to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. It's also travel-friendly!

7. Wash your hands always

Last but not least, wash your hands frequently. During your trip, you'll step out to explore and visit some sightseeing spots. It's best to bring a hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and other necessities with you to ensure that your hands stay clean, no matter where you are.

While it's true that the pandemic has changed the way we travel, it's also important for us to stay safe and keep our hygiene in check as we step out into the new normal. Besides these tips, these articles will also help you travel safely when the time is right.