Durian 101: 6 Easy Tips That’ll Help You Choose Durians Like A Pro


Nasreen Nasir •  Jul 12, 2018

The durian season is here, and we know you're all geared up for a party! ✨ There's plenty of durian stalls around KL and they all offer different types of it, but how do you know if you're choosing the right kind? Follow our tips, and we promise you that you're in for a good treat! ?

Credit: Giphy

1. Observe the colour

They say the first thing you’ll need to do is to observe the colour. Most durians with golden or yellowish and orange colour tend to stand out - and that means they are usually the best ones. But then again, even when it’s yellow, it doesn’t always mean that it’s good. So, you’ll need to be very careful and ask the vendor.

2. Take a whiff

Credit: PNaomi on Flickr

It’s easy to be fooled by looks but when it comes to durians, the smell would actually do you justice. In general, durians are strong in odour and the smell intensifies when it’s completely ripen. That makes it easier for you to get ahold of the right durian. So, don’t be afraid to take a whiff (well, most durian eaters are adventurous anyway so the smell shouldn’t put you off ?). If you don’t smell anything, it probably means that it’s unripe.

3. Check the shape

Credit: Andrij Bulba on Flickr

Most of you would think that it’s a bit abnormal to look at shapes but believe it or not, the shape of a durian does affect the taste. If you sense any oblong shapes, chances are the flesh is creamier. What about the normal looking durians? Don’t worry, they’re not that bad either. However, round durians don’t usually contain a lot of flesh which could be a bummer because a piece of durian can be a bit expensive so look out for the shapes, everyone.

4. Check the joint

Credit: Yat Fai Ooi on Flickr

Another way to see if your durian is good and fully ripen, take a look at the stem. Shorter and wider stems would usually mean that it has a lot of flesh. If you ever notice a dry stem or has been cut off, you’re more likely to end up with a very bad one so best not to buy if you ever find one. You can also try and scrape the stem with your thumb nail - if it comes out grass green, you’re in for a treat!

5. Give it a knock

Credit: Zhao on Flickr

It sounds funny, but it’s a pretty useful method. Of course, don’t do it with your bare hands. Make sure you ask for a glove. When you’re ready, give it a nice thump and if it sounds slightly hollow, it means the flesh is soft and ready to be eaten. If you don’t detect any sound, best to leave it alone and move on to the next durian.

6. Check for any holes on the shell

Credit: momovieman on Flickr

While you’re browsing through, be sure to check out the ones that aren’t cracked. It’s also important to check for any holes because it could mean that the durian is too ripe and parasites have called it home. Be on the lookout for dark spots too because that usually means it’s already rotten.

So there you have it, 6 simple but very important tips to help you find the perfect durian! Are you drooling already? Well, better make your way to any durian stall and start picking out the best ones! ?