This Is What To Prepare and How Much Your (Future) Wedding in Bali Will Cost


Tiara •  Aug 18, 2021

How much a wedding in Bali costs?

Depends on how many people you invite and how would you treat the party, a wedding in Bali will cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A small ceremony in the garden of your villa might cost you up to SGD 1000. However, a dinner party on a private beach will be another story.

Flexibility is the key. You can combine your dream wedding, a marvelous view of Bali, and your budget to create a sensible wedding party that is up to your expectations.

Bali reopening plan

Although there are not so many updates on the plan, Bali is ready to welcome tourists, both domestic and international. Indonesia's Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy stated in June that Bali will reopen at the end of the third quarter of 2021.

However, the Covid-19 cases in Indonesia were worsened in July and August 2021, led to a higher restriction up until now. In his statement, Bali is still going to be the first region to open for international tourists with travel corridor arrangements.

All you need is a wedding plan so you can start the preparations once the border reopens.

Should I hire a wedding planner?

If you are willing to provide a huge amount of time and patience, you can always plan it yourself. This planning stage requires a lot of research, emails, phone calls, and negotiations.

But if you don't have the time to do that, you can leave it to the professional. A wedding planner acts as your personal assistant who understands your ideas, knows what you need, and provides all the options that match.

A wedding planner should make the preparations much easier for you, in exchange for a higher cost than if you do it yourself. Pick whichever suits you!

What are the administrations I need to follow?

If you want to have a wedding ceremony in Bali, you must follow the legal regulation for weddings in Indonesia. For example, the couple must follow one of the religions that Indonesia recognizes.

Also, you must prepare the papers, from the consulate or embassy to the Civil Ministry in Denpasar. You can do it yourself or get help from your Indonesian agent or wedding planner.

Alternatively, you can hold your wedding ceremony at home and throw a party in Bali instead!

Where can I find trustworthy recommendations?

There are numerous options when it comes to wedding vendors in Bali. You can find it all over social media and see the impressions and testimonies.

If you are not looking for something specific and rather work with notable vendors, head to Indonesia's wedding marketplace such as Bridestory or Weddingku.

You can choose hundreds of vendors from all over Indonesia to prepare for your dream wedding party!

What are the unexpected things I must prepare for?

A wedding party at home can be challenging, let alone in a faraway place like Bali. Make sure that you are preparing an extra budget and a backup plan for the unexpected.

We are talking about uncertain weather (especially if you are having an outdoor party!), damaged property, even bystanders on the beach where your party is held.

Make a good relationship with the local authorities can be a part of the plan, as well as hiring some private security guards.

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