Hotel Safety Tips That Every Solo Traveller

14 Hotel Safety Tips That Every Solo Traveller Should Know


Cheng Sim •  Jul 11, 2019

Solo travelling is a rewarding experience. You can explore a new destination, get acquainted with the local culture, and create travel experiences that will last a lifetime. Another great thing about travelling solo is the luxury of having the whole room to yourself! ?

Credit: Giphy While it's exciting to switch the TV channels whenever you like, it's essential to keep your guards up when you're travelling alone. From giving your room a thorough check to locating the nearest fire exits, these hotel tips will help you stay safe on your next solo getaway ?

1. Research your area

Every trip planning begins with research, so read reviews of the neighbourhoods you’re planning to stay. Is the area safe or isolated? What's the crime rate like in that area? If you’re looking for answers, raise your questions in various online travel groups. For example, you can join the Have Halal, Will Travel Community on Facebook to connect with other Muslim travellers who actively share tips, travel finds, stories and advice that would benefit the ummah ?

2. Book a suitable hotel

Credit: Vijith Q on Unsplash Once you’ve chosen an area to stay, find a suitable hotel. Besides comparing the hotel rates, consider other factors before booking your stay. Is the accommodation situated close to public buses or train stations? Find out the public transportation’s operating hours. Are there any convenience stores nearby? You never know when you’ll need a late-night snack or buy a toothbrush. Are there any taxis? That’d make early airport transfers and sightseeing more convenient. [P.S. Planning a romantic surprise? Check out 10 affordable romantic resorts in Malaysia for the perfect weekend getaway!]

3. Avoid rooms on the ground floor

Credit: Francesca Saraco on Unsplash Some say it’s convenient to stay close to the lobby but remember that these rooms will be accessible to visitors outside of the hotel too. If you’re travelling alone, request for a place located a few floors above. Your room will be less accessible to outside visitors, and you can still escape if natural disasters or the inevitable happens.

4. Write down your room number

Credit: Antonina Bukowska on Unsplash Before checking into your room, request the front desk employee to write down your hotel number on a piece of paper, instead of saying it aloud. Most hotels are absolutely fine with this additional security measure, and it helps when you're travelling alone.

5. Look out for your luggage

Credit: Erol Ahmed on Unsplash When checking in to the hotel, remember the golden safety rule: keeping your luggage safe. Never leave them unattended in the hotel lobby while you’re getting your room sorted out. It’s best to place your luggage in front of you so that you can keep a close eye on it. [P.S. Shopping for a new travel bag? We have 10 must-have bags for you to travel in comfort and style!]

6. Check your room

Before you settle in your hotel room, remember to give your room a thorough check. Make sure the locks on your door, windows and phone lines are working. While you’re at it, check to see if everything else in the room is working correctly, starting from the television and fridge to the toilets and showers. If you feel something is off, you can always request to change your room.

7. Keep the doors and windows locked

Credit: Jan Claus on Pixabay Whether you’re watching television or heading to bed early, remember to keep your door and windows closed. It’s crucial to keep them fastened if you’re out and about the whole day too. No traveller wants to return to a trashed-up room or missing valuables.

8. Bring what you need

Credit: Allef Vinicius on Unsplash When you’re exploring the city, only bring what you need. If you’re going sightseeing or café-hopping, bring enough cash in your wallet to last until you head back to your hotel. At least you have emergency cash in your room, in case your wallet got stolen. The same rule applies to valuables, which you can place neatly in the hotel safe. [P.S. Brought too many clothes? We have 8 packing hacks to save space in your suitcase!]

9. Know where the fire exits are

Credit: Michael Jasmund on Unsplash When you’re travelling alone, take note of the fire exits and emergency staircases nearest to your room. You never know when a fire breaks or the unfortunate happens. Most hotel rooms have a floor plan at the back of the door or hotel booklet, so try not to overlook them!

10. Never open your door to strangers

Credit: David Lee on Pixabay A piece of advice that our mother tells us repeatedly, keep your guards up when you’re travelling solo, and never open your door to strangers. If the person identifies themselves as a hotel employee, check with the front desk before letting them in. If they are, keep the door open and don’t lock yourself in the room with them. It may be awkward to do, but you should prioritise your safety wherever you are.

11. Make your room look occupied

Credit: English Journalists on Pixabay We’re all about keeping our room clean and tidy, but there’s a reason behind making your room appearing occupied. Avoid leaving clues that you’re the only occupant in the room. Sleep on both sides of the bed, use two cups, hang up two towels and add an extra toothbrush as a decoy. That way, anyone who enters the room will know that you’re not the only traveller on this trip. [P.S. Speaking of rooms, you may want to check out these comfy hotels on your next trip to Busan!]

12. Walk out with a group

As a solo traveller, avoid being a target in an unfamiliar destination. Before stepping out of the hotel, walk behind a group of guests, so no one knows you’re travelling alone. It’ll give the illusion that you’re on this trip with someone.

13. Bring the hotel’s contact card

Credit: Hermann on Pixabay Make it a habit to bring the hotel’s contact card, especially when exploring a city where English or your mother tongue is not widely spoken. These contact cards are available for free at the front desk and include address, contact number and map for directions. If you’re stranded in a foreign city, show the card to your taxi driver, and they’ll take you directly to your hotel.

14. Trust your instincts

Make it a habit to bring the hotel’s contact card, especially when exploring a city where English is not the primary spoken language. These contact cards are available for free at the front desk and include address, contact number and map for directions. If you’re lost, show the card to your taxi driver, and they’ll take you directly to your hotel
Credit: Giphy Travelling alone comes with its perks. You can explore a new destination at your own pace, shop in the same mall for hours, and dine at the same restaurant for days! Amid the fun and excitement, it’s essential to keep your guards up and stay safe wherever you are. While you’re on your way to your next city, we hope you’ll find these hotel safety tips helpful!