This Is Why Hong Kong Is HHWT’s Preferred Destination For 2018 (And Should Be Yours Too!)


Fatehah •  May 03, 2018

It's not always easy travelling, especially for Muslims in non-Muslim majority countries but Hong Kong makes this an exception! If you've been following our Facebook and Instagram, you'd know that the HHWT Team recently embarked on a super exciting trip there for a week!

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From its authentic Chinese Halal food to the abundance of prayer spaces, there's so much we love about Hong Kong. Which is why we are truly honoured to name this beautiful city as HHWT'S Preferred Destination for 2018 ?

For starters, the food was amazing! Yes, we're talking about authentic Chinese food? Prior to visiting Hong Kong, we thought that we might eat kebabs on most days, but we were pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of food the city offered. We had the best duck rice at Wai Kee, yummy dim sum at Islamic Centre Canteen and heavenly beef goulash at Islam Food!

Even the street food blew us away! The stalls were so hidden in the midst of many shops that we might have missed it if we had merely walked past them. From silken sweet beancurd at A1 Tofu Company to hot, fluffy egglets at the renowned Lee Keung Kee, we were never left hangry as our tummies were always full?

But the Halal food scene in Hong Kong wasn't the only thing which amazed us. We loved exploring the eclectic mix of city and nature spots here! In Hong Kong Disneyland, it was almost as if we were transported into another magical world with the different Disney characters and themes.

We actually thought such buildings and attractions were all that Hong Kong had. But we were thrilled to find many nature spots within this city!

From ground zero, we made our way up to one of the highest peaks in the city at Dragon's Back. The climb to the top was relatively easy and the weather was perfect. But it was the view at the top - overlooking the entire city - that really took our breath away ?

At the heart of it all, we were thankful for the many prayer spaces in Hong Kong that were not just accessible but also comfortable and well-equipped.  There are prayer spaces in the attractions such as Disneyland and Ocean Park, as well as mosques in the cities!

Looking back, we initially thought that a week would be more than enough to explore Hong Kong but turns out we were wrong. There was so much to eat, do and see that we wish we could have stayed longer? We can't wait to share with you all that Hong Kong has to offer in our upcoming travel guides and videos. Don't forget to keep a look out for them here!

This article was brought to you by Hong Kong Tourism Board.