11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday


Ili •  Jul 03, 2023

Welcome to Langkawi, a tropical paradise known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. As you explore this enchanting island, you'll find that staying in a homestay offers a unique and immersive experience, allowing you to truly connect with the local way of life. Whether you prefer a traditional Malay kampung house nestled in a peaceful village or a modern villa with panoramic ocean views, Langkawi's homestays offer a range of options to suit every traveller's taste. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and share the joys of staying in these authentic accommodations that provide a warm and welcoming home away from home.

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11 homestays in Langkawi

1. Soluna Guest House

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Credit: Soluna Guest House Langkawi on Facebook

Homey and tranquil, the atmosphere at Soluna Guest House is something you will surely remember even after a long return home. While the rooms are minimal, you'll find all your basic necessities readily available for a comfortable stay. Venture out of your room and have a lazy afternoon relaxing on the hammock in the beautiful garden.

Address: Lot 1560 Jalan Bohor Tempoyak, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000

Contact: 04-952 3668


2. Sunset Bay Cottage

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Credit: Sunset Bay Cottage on Facebook

Located in Tanjung Rhu, Sunset Bay Cottage is a cute accommodation that'll make your island getaway a memorable one. The cottages are only a few sites away from the beach - close enough that you can enjoy the sea breeze and glistening views of the sea! You can also lie down on the hammock and spend the day reading or sleeping.

Address: 88B, Jalan Tanjung Rhu, Kampung Padang Lalang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Contact: 011-5290 6096


3. The Daun Resort

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Credit: @thedaunresort on Instagram

Situated close to Pantai Cenang, you'll find a resort made up of picturesque brick structures, furnished in a combination of traditional and modern styles - The Daun Resort. It'll be an Insta-worthy stay for sure! Choose from the quaint chalets with names like Kadok, Pandan, Sireh and Inai. With room to fit between 2-3 people, the chalets all come decked with the usual amenities you would expect.

Address: Jalan Kuala Muda, Langkawi 07000

Contact: +6019-852 3538


4. Malay Wooden Cottage

Throw it back to the 60s and plan a stay at this classic accommodation known as Malay Wooden Cottage. It offers a bedroom perfect for two and is equipped with modern amenities and most importantly, refreshing air conditioning to cool down on a sunny day. The chalet property also has a small porch for you to let the afternoon breeze in while you soak in the surrounding greenery.

Rate: From RM250/night. Book here!

Address: No 8, Kampung Haji Saad, Jalan Pantai Chenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah


5. Panji Panji Tropical Wooden Home

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Credit: PanjiPanji on Facebook

The Tropical Wooden Home Panji Panji Inn is home to the nostalgia of life in the village surrounded by the peace of nature. This house made of red brick mixed wood has a rustic aura and makes for the perfect escape from city life. Offering a choice of chalet accommodation either downstairs or upstairs, this place is ideal for those visiting with their significant other while the villa is perfect for those who come with small families.

Rate: From RM588/night. Book here!

Address: 965, Jalan Pantai Cenang, Kuala Chenang, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Pantai Cenang

Facebook |Website

6. Reena's Cottage

This Airbnb is conveniently located just a short 3-minute walk away from the beautiful Tanjung Rhu. The highlight of this homestay is the 18-foot pool where you can take a refreshing dip on hot days. Additionally, they have an in-house café that offers a variety of food and beverage options. You'll also find a local boutique where you can purchase items like hats, beach bags, scarves, and beach mats. If you want to take part in outdoor activities, the homestay can arrange it for you such as the Mangrove Safari Kilim Tour, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkelling, hiking, and scooter rentals.

There is a small pantry equipped with a microwave, a minibar, and other cooking facilities. There is also a BBQ area within the compound so you can have a barbecue night with your loved ones!

Rate: From RM200/night. Book here!

Address: Jalan Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday
11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

7. The Dusky Leaf Langkawi

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday
11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Experience a contemporary glasshouse nestled in a charming Malaysian village, embraced by vibrant golden paddy fields. The fusion of aesthetic architectural design and the beauty of nature creates a harmonious setting. Imagine waking up to a breathtaking panorama of the majestic Machincang Mountain. This extraordinary retreat effortlessly combines the splendour of nature with a sustainable lifestyle, catering to the eco-conscious traveller!

Rate: From RM559/night. Book here!

Address: Kampung Bukit Lembu, Langkawi

8. BeeZek Residence, Langkawi

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Sometimes the smaller private pools just won't cut it, and you really want to go all out with a large one. Well, BeeZek Residence has you covered! Rent this entire villa for a private and comfortable stay, with full access to their huge pool all to yourselves!

This villa has 4  rooms on the ground floor and 2 rooms on the first floor, and each is interestingly named after the islands in Langkawi such as Langgun, Dangli, Gubang, Tepor, Bumbon and Kedera. If you're inviting more relatives to the gathering, you can request up to six mattresses at an extra charge. Each bedroom is air-conditioned and comes complete with its own bathroom. For privacy, be sure to book the entire villa (and not just the rooms on the ground floor).

Capacity: Up to 23 people

Rate: Starts at RM1,500 on Airbnb

Address: No.8, Kampung Kuala Cenang (414.47 mi) Langkawi 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Contact: +6019 409 1833


9. Mimi's Pine Meadow

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Situated in a tranquil village amidst rolling hills and picturesque paddy fields in the countryside of Langkawi, this villa offers a serene escape. After a day of sun-soaked island exploration, Mimi's Pine Meadow provides the perfect haven to unwind. Feel the gentle evening breeze caress your skin as you relax on the porch, or indulge in the comfort of the cosy beds provided.

The villa boasts two bedrooms, ensuring ample space for your stay. As an added convenience, they also offer two bicycles, allowing you to freely explore the surrounding area. You'll find two well-appointed toilet/shower facilities to cater to your needs. The spacious living room provides a welcoming atmosphere, while the kitchen is equipped with a stove, fridge, oven, and utensils, enabling you to prepare meals at your leisure. Additionally, a washing machine is available for your convenience.

For those who enjoy outdoor cooking, the villa provides a BBQ pit where you can grill and savour delicious meals. The villa features front and back entrances, both offering captivating views of the lush paddy fields and majestic hills. Stay connected with complimentary WiFi access throughout your stay.

Rate: From RM360/night. Book here!

Address: Kampung Baru Letuk, Langkawi

10. Villa Meranti

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Indulge in complete privacy and tranquillity within a gated 1-acre compound surrounded by rainforests and mountains. The villa seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living with sliding doors, allowing natural daylight to fill the space. Spot local wildlife like monkeys and hornbills, and observe water buffaloes roaming in the nearby valley. This charming villa offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an outdoor shower, a modern kitchen, and a peaceful veranda overlooking the pool, garden, and mountains. Enjoy the serenity of this exquisite retreat!

Rate: RM980/night. Book here!

Address: Jalan Teluk Baru, Langkawi

11. Aislinn Villa

11 Amazing Homestays In Langkawi For Your Next Family Holiday

Aislinn Villa is a stunning retreat for couples, families, or groups. Accessed through scenic Malay kampungs and rubber plantations, this secluded villa offers breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. Relax on the terrace with a private pool, observing the resident wildlife. Each of the three bedrooms features a balcony or terrace, with air conditioning and fans in every room. The spacious terrace offers multiple seating options. Enjoy the lounge area with a 65" SmartTV. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, dressing room, and direct access to the terrace and pool. Two guest bedrooms have private balconies. A fully equipped kitchen, stylish bathrooms, and convenient amenities complete the experience!

Rate: From 1,560/night. Book here!

Address: Kampung Batu Ara 5, Langkawi

Choosing a homestay in Langkawi is not just about finding a place to rest your head at night—it's about immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of the island's culture, heritage, and natural beauty. From the warm hospitality of the locals to the authentic experiences you'll encounter, Langkawi's homestays offer a truly unforgettable journey. Whether you seek tranquillity in a secluded village or seek adventure in the heart of bustling towns, Langkawi's homestays provide a gateway to explore the island's wonders at your own pace. So, embrace the charm and allure of Langkawi by choosing a homestay, and let the island's magic weave its spell on you, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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