NEW: Indulge In Hipster Hawker Food At This (Newly) Halal Eatery In SG


Faruq Senin •  Apr 18, 2018

Singapore's hawker food scene is pretty famous and we all know it for having some of the most mouth-watering dishes you can find in the bustling city. Yummy local dishes like hokkien mee, popiah and carrot cake are all very familiar to us. But have you ever wondered how it'll be like if hawker food turns hipster?

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Hawkerman, a newly halal-certified eatery at Singpost Centre, is putting that spin on your local dishes. With a collaboration of 3 hawker stalls - Tenderfresh, Ah Boy Popiah and Warong Kim's Seafood - Hawkerman serves fusion hawker food in a restaurant setting. Atas hawker food anyone? ?

P.S. Its menu comes with some very interesting Singlish names too!

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If you're new to the restaurant and can't make up your mind on what to eat, get the Bao Ka Liao platter, which has the signature dishes from all 3 hawker stalls. Here's your chance to sample Tenderfresh's crispy and juicy chicken while indulging in the burst of flavours from Ah Boy's Popiah ? Not to mention that this platter is also perfect for sharing!

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Hokkien mee lovers, rejoice! Now who says you can only have prawns in your hokkien mee? At Hawkerman, you can have Lolex Hokkien Mee, with 500g fresh LOBSTER as its highlight ? After you've tried this, we aren't sure if you'd go back to eating normal hokkien mee!

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Hawkerman's desserts a great finish to a satisfying meal, with our childhood snacks and local flavours all in one. Try their Singapura Ice Cream - a delectable combination of durian, ice gem biscuits, peanut sweets and coconut ice cream. We're pretty sure this will bring back some fond memories ?

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Another dessert worth mentioning is the Durian 'N Jack popiah. Imagine this - durian ice cream wrapped in popiah skin and topped with jackfruit slices and peanut bits. How can anyone resist that?! Hawkerman's desserts aren't just appetising but they are super instagrammable too!

So, if you're looking for a place to head to this weekend for some good 'ol hawker fare but with a twist, Hawkerman is definitely the place to go. The best part is, you'd be enjoying familiar favourites WITHOUT the heat ? So, time to bring your whole makan crew down to Hawkerman!

Address: Singpost Centre #B1-128/129, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600

Opening hours: 11am-10.30pm daily

Contact: 8110 5218