8 Things Every Hijabi Can Relate To


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  May 26, 2022

This one’s for our hijabi sisters: ‘cause let’s be honest, only we can relate to each other’s hijabi struggles ? From bad hijab days to searching for the perfect hijab that fits us, here are 8 things every hijabi can definitely relate to. 

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8 Things Every Hijabi Can Relate To

1. Having loads of hijabs, but only wearing the same few

Scrolling through Instagram, Carousell and Facebook is almost like an addiction - we’ve got to keep up with the latest hijabi trends! But after all that shopping and matching scarves with outfits, most days, we pick our favourite hijabs anyway. ? They’re comfy, easy to use, and you already know which outfits they match with! 

2. Dyeing our hair all sorts of colours

We might keep our hair covered, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun with it. Besides, hijabis don’t escape from age or stress-related greying hair, so whether it’s for fun or to cover up greying hair, many of us dye our hair. Unsuspecting to those who have never seen our hair, many of us rock blonde, red, and other funky hair colours and styles! 

The only downside to this: dry hair ? As hijabis, our hair is already susceptible to being brittle and dry… What more with hair dye that may be damaging to our hair! 

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3. No bad hair days, just bad hijab days

The bad hair day is a common experience many people face: but us hijabis don’t have that! Instead, we have bad hijab days. Just like hair, some days our hijabs just won’t ‘’bend that way’’, and it can ruin our whole day! ? #Relatable 

This also includes tight hijab days, when our pins and brooches just won’t sit right, and the hijab wraps a little too tightly around our face and neck, which can cause discomfort! ? The worst part? Tight hijabs can cause receding hairlines - we’ve all been there (or are worried about getting there ?).

4. Feeling icky after spending too long in the sun

The humid scalp is something we’re familiar with, especially since we’re living in the tropics! Sunny Singapore’s heat causes sweaty scalp, which feels icky and uncomfortable. Not to mention the dirt, dandruff and itching that happens because of it. ? 

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5. Needing loads of pins

The hijabi version of the hair tie: pins! Used to pin down our hijab securely (so the wind won’t take it away! ?), they’re so small we lose them constantly! It’s why we’re always on the search for the next brooch or pin - there’s never enough around ? 

6. Winter is our best friend 

Travelling is so fun because it means we get to layer up and strut our stuff during autumn and winter! Styling the hijab with jackets and cardigans is so much more exciting than the cooling t-shirt or blouse we stick to in Singapore. Not to mention how much scarves accessorise our outfits!

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7. Having to search for that perfect underscarf

Most of us wear underscarfs, or inners, to keep our hair hidden. But not every underscarf is the same! We’ve got the bonnet hat, the tie back bonnet hat, the tube underscarf, the ninja…the list goes on. And everyone has a different style and underscarf preference! Looking for the perfect colour, type and size can be tough. But once we find it, we never let it go! ?

8. That satisfying feeling you get after a long day in the hijab

And after a long day of wearing the hijab, taking off our hijab and releasing our hair is an exhilarating, indescribable feeling. Almost akin to getting our back scratched! ?

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Wearing the hijab is more than just a way to keep us modest - it’s a spiritual journey many of us take to get closer to God. But of course, that doesn’t mean it is without struggle! Fortunately, there are many hijabi sisters out there who go through the same #relatable hijabi experiences you do. 

With a little bit of sisterhood and hair care, wearing the hijab can be a comfier experience ?

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