There's A Hidden Halal Steamboat Spot In Changi That's Only $39 For 2 Pax


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 10, 2021

Foodies, unite! There's a hidden halal steamboat and barbecue spot in Singapore and it's incredibly affordable ? For just $39, both you and a loved one can enjoy the best of Singapore's hotpots over the weekend. The perfect treat to end the week.

Simply BBQ SG Steamboat & Barbecue

For the uninitiated, steamboats are incredibly popular in Singapore. There's just something about sitting around a table with your loved ones as you cook a meal together that makes for the perfect gathering experience. And if you're looking to fill up your weekends and dinners with the joy of a good, wholesome hotpot, Simply BBQ @ Al Nour Kitchen is definitely the place to go.

P.S. Check out this Thai Steamboat spot with a musollah!

Credit: Simply BBQ on Facebook

Located in the Geylang vicinity, this hidden halal steamboat spot has fresh seafood of all sizes for the boiling broth! Have a taste of the ocean with oysters that come in 2 sizes: M and L. You could even opt for the already prepared version of this wonderful seafood delight with Simply BBQ's Torched Cheesy Oysters ? Bold and zesty, the cheese balances out the saltiness of the oyster, making it the perfect chewy companion to the flavourful seafood delight.

Credit: Fabio Fazely on Facebook

Look at that spread! According to reviews, this steamboat spot in SG is also home to one of the best Tom Yum soup bases you can find... I mean, what do you have to lose, right? ?

P.S. Meat lovers will absolutely fall in love with the Shabu Shabu available here. It goes at only $4.90 for 5pcs! You can also choose to add on maggie noodles ($1), meats ($4.90), any vegetables ($2), hotdogs ($2), more seafood ($4.90), rice ($1), and oysters ($25 for 5pcs) ? This halal steamboat spot's prices are definitely ones that are hard to beat. And with their range of steamboat ingredients, you'll definitely have a feast here.

Credit: Fabio Fazely on Facebook

Delicious food, cheap prices and only amazing vibes at Simply BBQ! If you've not decided on your weekend plans yet, this might just be it. Share this with a friend you'd love to enjoy halal steamboat with!

Simply BBQ @ Al Nour Kitchen

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