10 Travel Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge


Atiqah Mokhtar •  Apr 17, 2020

We may not be able to travel now, but if you're looking for a fun way to think about travel at this point in time, why not test your knowledge with our travel trivia? Go through the questions by yourself now, or better yet, save it for a trivia night with your friends during your next hangout online! Not only is it a fun way to spend some time together, but you might also learn a new fact or two ?

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So if you're all set, let's get this party started! There are 10 questions in total, with the answers for all listed at the very bottom of this article. Remember, no cheating by looking it up on Google!


1. What is the world's current largest city by population?

1. Beijing

2. Delhi

3. Shanghai

D. Tokyo

2. Which one of the following attractions is one of the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World?

A. The Great Wall of China

B. The Pyramids Of Giza

C. The Taj Mahal

D. Machu Picchu

3. What is the currency of Bolivia?

A. Bolivian dollar

B. Peso

C. Boliviano

D. Bolívar

4. What is the capital of Pakistan?

A. Islamabad

B. Karachi

C. Dhaka

D. Lahore

5. In which one of these countries would you be able to enjoy a meal called a tagine?

A. Thailand

B. Iran

C. Morocco

D. Mongolia

6. Which region of Japan is Tokyo located in?

A. Kansai

B. Tohoku

C. Kanto

D. Chubu

7. Which of these destinations does AirAsia NOT fly to from KL (under normal circumstances)?

A. London

B. Jeddah

C. Okinawa

D. Banda Aceh

8. How long does it take to travel from Seoul to Busan by train?

A. 1 - 2 hours

B. 2 - 3 hours

C. 3 - 4 hours

D. 4 - 5 hours

9. Which of these countries is NOT one that borders Switzerland?

A. France

B. Germany

C. Luxembourg

D. Austria

10. Which of these is the smallest Disneyland park in the world?

A. Tokyo Disneyland

B. Hong Kong Disneyland

C. Disneyland Paris

D. Shanghai Disneyland


1. D. Tokyo

With a population of over 37 million people covering the entire metropolitan Tokyo area, it is easily the largest and most populated city, with Delhi coming in second place at around 29 million people.

2. B. The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza is the only surviving structure of the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World which included classical structures such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon. The Seven Wonders Of The Modern World (or the New Seven Wonders Of The World) was voted by over 100 million people in a survey conducted in 2007 and includes all three of the other answers.

3. C. Boliviano

The currency of Bolivia is the Boliviano. To note, Mexico uses the Mexican peso while Chile uses the Chilean peso as their currency, while the Bolívar is the currency for Venezuela.

4. A. Islamabad

While the first capital city of Pakistan was Karachi, it was shifted to Islamabad in 1967. Fun fact: Islamabad was a new city expressly built to be the capital - while it was being built, Rawalpindi served as the interim capital for Pakistan for about 10 years.

5. C.Morocco

Named after the earthenware pot with a conical lid it's cooked in, this dish features stewed meat, fish or lamb!

6. C. Kanto

The Kanto region consists of the Tokyo Metropolis as well as six additional prefectures.

7. A. London

AirAsia X previously had a route from KL to London which was discontinued in 2012. While there have been plans to re-commence a route to London, nothing has been confirmed as of yet! The newest route listed in the answers is Okinawa - AirAsia started flying to this tropical island in Japan since January 2020!

8. B. 2-3 hours

It takes anywhere from as little as 2 hours 15 minutes to about 3 hours to get from Seoul to Busan via the KTX Train (not taking into account any zombie attacks ?)

9. C. Luxembourg

Switzerland borders 5 countries - Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, France to the west, Italy to the south and Germany to the north.

10. B. Hong Kong Disneyland

At a size of about 68 acres, Hong Kong Disneyland is easily the smallest of the major Disneyland resorts around the world. To give you some context, Disney World Resort in Orlando comprises about 27,000 acres!

So how many did you get correct? Let us know!