HHWT Now Has Customisable Tours For Muslim Travellers - 4 Things You Can Look Forward To


Faruq Senin •  May 30, 2019

Many of you have asked us if we provide tour packages for various destinations and we thank you for the support and faith that you have in us ❤️

Well, we hear you! That's why we've been working on something very exciting for you. Presenting - the HHWT Marketplace - a one-stop platform where you can book exciting tour packages which we’ve specially curated for you. Unlike tours where your itinerary is packed with as many tourist spots as possible, you’ll be able to immerse in the local culture and enjoy authentic experiences on the tours we’ve selected. Definitely a travel experience you’ll remember!

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Now, you might be wondering why you should even book a tour package in the first place. We know many of you love travelling on your own and you'd associate tours with families and the older crowd. But before you decide to give this a miss, here are 4 reasons why our tours are different ?

1. Enjoy Muslim-friendly experiences without any worries

As Muslim travellers, we have specific needs especially when it comes to halal food and scheduling prayer times in our itineraries. Though there are many experiences out there, not many will cater specifically to Muslim travellers.

Most of the time when we book a tour package, we'd need to state our preferences for seafood or vegetarian options and ask the guide if it's okay to squeeze in some time to pray. That's why we've created the marketplace so Muslim travellers, like you and me, can enjoy immersive experiences without having to worry about whether they comply with our religious needs.

What's more, the local hosts in the tours have experience leading Muslim travellers so, they are able to accommodate to your needs with regards to food and prayer times will also be factored in. Rest assured, you'll be in good hands ?

2. Immerse yourself in cultural experiences and memorable activities

Don’t like how some tours only bring you to famous sightseeing spots and you have to get on the tour bus though it feels like you’ve just arrived? We feel you! Our tours offer something different. For one, you'll get to really immerse yourself in the local culture and experience customs and traditions that might be difficult to do if you're on your own.

Accompanied by local guides who know the culture inside out, you'll get to participate in hands-on activities like learning how to make Espadrilles, the traditional Spanish footwear in Barcelona or how to create your own mosaic artwork in the style of the famous Spanish artist Antonio Gaudi. Interested in learning a Spanish dance? Both our tours for Madrid & Andalusia and Barcelona & Andalusia also include the flamenco class, where you'll learn the art of this mesmerising Spanish dance ?

Our tours will also bring you to places that are hard to get to, but thanks to local hosts, you'll be able to visit sights that ordinary travellers don't usually see. One of the highlights of both our Barcelona & Andalusia tour and Madrid & Andalusia tours is visiting the Alpujarra Villages where a local host will take you around the beautiful towns on the southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Did you know that more than 50 villages here were the last Muslim stronghold when Spain was taken over by the Catholics in 1492? The houses here still retain their Berber architecture, which was believed to have been brought over from Morocco during Islamic rule.

3. Savour the best halal/Muslim-friendly authentic local food

Foodies, this one's for you! One of the things we always look forward to when travelling to new places is trying out the local cuisine. But it's not always easy to find authentic local food which is halal. Even if we visit local markets and find seafood or vegetarian options, there's no guarantee that there'll be no cross contamination between non-halal meats and the items. Plus, it's even harder to explain when you're unfamiliar with the language and you need to explain the specifics of what is considered as halal.

With the help of local tour guides, now you can experience a foodie trail in Granada where you'll get to try authentic Spanish food at 5 different places. Get insider information and discover eateries which you otherwise won't have found by yourself ?

Have you ever stepped into a local market overseas and wished you knew which stores you could dine at? Now, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Your local host will take you to Barcelona’s La Boqueria Market on our 6 Days Barcelona and Andalusia tour where you can try authentic local tapas (small plates of cold or hot appetisers).

Better still, try your hand at preparing scrumptious Spanish dishes like paella or learn to make bread at a Spanish Food Cooking Class in Granada while admiring a spectacular view of the Alhambra Complex.

4. Tailored experiences for everyone

We know many of you don’t like tours because most of the time, you’re travelling from one place to another and covering as many spots as possible in a short span of time. Not to mention that you've put together with a lot of other tourists as well. That’s why we’ve designed our packages to be fully customisable! All you have to do is send in an enquiry, state your preferences and you’ll be able to discuss with the tour operators on what works best for you. No matter what type of traveller you are, the tour can be personalised according to your needs!

For instance, after going on a walking tour in the heart of Barcelona, you can choose to learn how to sail a vessel on the Barcelona Harbour or go for an Espadrille-making workshop.

In Seville, once you've seen the grandeur of the old Spanish Empire and visited top sights like the Giralda and Royal Alcazar, why not try kayaking on the river Guadalquivir? This legendary river was where the Spanish conquistadors set off and conquered America. If that doesn't suit your fancy, opt for a flamenco dance class instead. The best part is, it's all up to your preference ?

Are you now more enticed to try one of these immersive experiences? Then, head over to our HHWT Marketplace to book your preferred tours! Whether you're interested in learning more about a country's local traditions, or want to try all the authentic local food, there's definitely something that'll suit you. The best part is, they are all Muslim-friendly ? Do note that currently, we only have tour packages for Spain, but you can expect more exciting destinations in the coming months like Japan, Morocco, Iceland and more. Don't forget to let us know what other tours you'd like to see on HHWT and SHARE this with your fellow travel buddies ☺️

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