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#HHWT Explorers: Mizz Nina - Her Journey Through Faith & How Travelling Has Inspired Her


Lyn Lydiana •  Dec 01, 2016


Some of us may have known Mizz Nina as the former artist from Malaysia. Now, an entrepreneur and a traveller, she believes her Hajj pilgrimage has changed her life. Read on about her journey and how she might just inspire you too!
Can you tell us what inspired you to take your new journey in faith?
Many things inspired me to move in this new and true direction and it all started with a tragedy which led me to a realization that life is short and death is real & this made me want to change to be a better person. After getting married to Noh, we were invited to go for Hajj with my mum in 2013, and my life changed forever since then. I was determined to return to KL a new Nina and Alhamdulillah I am still on this amazing journey! So what inspires me? Hope for Allah's pleasure, fear of his punishment and Jannah.
Can you tell us a travel experience you’ve had that changed your life?
I think my Hajj in 2013 was truly a life changing moment. On the day of Waqaf, at Arafah, seeing thousands possibly millions of devout Muslims all in ihram, was such a humbling and over powering experience. Knowing that Angels are carrying our doa's up to the heavens is breathtaking, and to know that Allah the All forgiving ready to forgive us, SubhanAllah. For the first time I knew what it meant to make taubah, and this day reminded me of the day of Judgement where everyone will be brought to life for accountability. I will never forget this day. May Allah accept all those that made Hajj, Ameen.
What inspired you to incorporate travel into your da’wah efforts and shows such as Always A Traveller, Beyond Translations and Walk His Way?
I think it's important to show the beauty of the world and be inspired by Allah's creation. We also wanted to show that Islam is for all humanity and thus travel to different places showcasing each city or country. At the same time, following the series - Always A Traveller, Beyond Translation and Walk His Way is about seeking knowledge, and traveling is a part of this journey.
Being a traveler also means, that this world is just a temporary place and that we are all travelers, stopping at a pit stop before we move on to the real life, this serves as a reminder to us and our audiences. So there's many reasons why we travel and shoot!
What is the most important aspect of travelling to you?
Most important is definitely making sure we eat halal food, prayers, visiting the local masjid, sightseeing and of course, some shopping!
Why do you think travelling is important for Muslims, especially in this day and age?
Traveling is important because it makes us more open and worldly. I believe there have been studies that show, that if children travel from a young age, they grow up to be more mature, well rounded as compared to those who have not travelled. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I think there is no age limit, the younger the better so they can see and learn from what the world has to offer.
You have an unlimited travel budget for 24 hours. What would your itinerary look like?
I'd travel straight to Makkah and Madinah InshaAllah.
What are 3 of your favourite destinations?
Only 3? Makkah, Madinah, and Cape Town in South Africa.
What are some of the challenges (or worst experience) you have faced while travelling and what did you learn from it?
Flying can sometimes be scary, so I've had some really turbulent flights, I always bring my doa's with me and Zikr in case anything happens, may Allah protect us from sudden calamities, Ameen!
What are your travel must-haves?
I must have my smart phone with Muslim Pro App so I know when to pray and which direction. Got to have my complete face skin care from Adania, sajadah, telekung, Go Pro, and a good book to read.
If you could give one piece of advice to people who want to travel – what would it be?
When you travel, don't forget to visit the local masjid, or feed the homeless, visit the orphanage, or anything that may help the community. It makes travel more worth going for and with purpose. Trust me you will feel the difference!
What's your favourite travel photo?
I think at the moment it's still me in Petra and in front of the pyramids.
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