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Here’s Why You Should Head Down To Singapore Art Week 2018


Farzana •  Jan 04, 2018


If you love the Night Festival, then you may want to check this out ? Art buffs, let your imagination run wild and creative juices flow at Singapore Art Week 2018. From local artworks, short film screenings, art walks, streets and galleries, the sixth edition of Singapore's visual arts fiesta will be in town from 17 to 28  January 2018. Even if you aren't exactly an art enthusiast, don't let that stop you from enjoying and appreciating art in a new light!
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1. Colour your life at the Light to Night Festival
The yearly urban art event brings visitors on a colourful journey across Singapore's civic district by transforming major cultural institutions into stunning showpieces. Find a corner and make yourself cosy on the picnic ground situated at The Padang and bask in awe at the multimedia projection show proudly displayed across the National Gallery building. Four brilliant artistes, Ho Tzu Nyen, Lee Mingwei, David Medalla and Pinaree Sanpitak will showcase novel art pieces made specially for this art week. You'll be teasing your sensations and experiencing colours in a way you never thought was possible.
Credit: nationalgallerysingapore on Instagram
2. Spend your night at Art After dark
Groove alongside live music and treat your eyes to a myriad of visual arts as you take in thought-provoking contemporary pieces curated by local artists. Spend your Friday night with your pals at Gillman Barracks' from 7pm onwards for a different kind of night life ? Look out for new exhibitions and programmes that'll stimulate your minds and awaken your creative energy!
Credit: VisitSingapore on Facebook
3. Walk through the night at ARTWALK
This year's art walk, titled Urban Mythology takes places in Little India and features quirky murals, public art installations and puppetry-making. Discover long-lost myths that pepper the streets of Little India and watch them come alive with art! Be wowed by the art pieces by local artists like ZERO, Izzad Radzali Shah and SOBANDWINE. Or, sit back for a movie directed by well-known filmmaker, K. Rajagopal if movies are more of your thing ?
Credit: artwalklittleindia on Instagram
Credit: artwalklittleindia on Instagram
4. Be inspired by fantastic artworks
Artworks often hold deep conversations and pique the minds of the curious. Witness the late Kim Lim's intuitiveness for mediums like wood, stone, marble and paper and marvel at the relationship between her sculpture works and forte for printmaking. With light and shadow coming into foreplay, watch how light and darkness mingle and be wowed by the elegance of her work. It's simplicity at its best. Also, this marks the first major show by the British-Singaporean and her precious showcase will give a fresh breath of air to how you view something as essential as light.
Credit: stpi_gallery on Instagram
5. Make your own masterpieces
REFRAME, one of the hot happenings during Singapore Art Week allows patrons to gather inspiration from artworks and craft their own niche. Guided by museum assistants, you'll be able to arouse the artist in you and work on your art in the spur of the moment. REFRAME is part of a public programme that accompanies The Artist's Voice exhibition that's being shown at The Parkview Museum. While the exhibition lasts for a longer period of time, REFRAME is happening only during the Singapore Art Week!
Credit: Design Anthology on Facebook  For more info, check out when and where the respective art happenings are taking place here! Well, art is indeed a language that doesn't need translation. Even if you don't find yourself captivated by the latest occurrences in the art scene, it shouldn't stop you from exploring a new world without your passports. Art is after all, a picture worth a thousand words ? [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/1969?type=poll"][/iframe]