We’re quite sure even Olaf is spending his summer in the Maldives!

Olaf Gif

Credit: egipciaca

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1. Imagine how amazing it will be to see this in real life…

Maldives Sea HHWTCredit: Nattu

2. How about an afternoon nap in a hammock suspended over crystal clear water?

Maldives Over Water Hammock Crusoe ResidenceCredit: Gili Lankanfushi

3. Overwater villa with a private jacuzzi? Sounds like a fabulous idea.

Ayada MaldivesCredit: Fodors (Ayada Maldives Resort)

4. We’d climb up and down that ladder to swim in the turquoise waters everyday if we were there…

Maldives Stairs Coco Bodu HitiCredit: Coco Bodu Hithi

5. And we’d dive right in with our PJs on if we were staying in this villa.

six senses maldivesCredit: Six Senses Laamu

6. We wouldn’t mind staying in these boat hotels either. So Instagram-worthy…

cocoaisland_bkg_dhoni_suite_walkway(1)Credit: Cocoa Island by COMO

7. Glass floors in the villa? Genius.

Maldives W Retreat Maldives Glass Floor Underwater ViewsCredit: W Retreat and Spa – Maldives

8. Who needs postcards when you can just snap a view like this?!

Kuredu Island ResortCredit: Ving.no (Kuredu Island Resort)

9. You can never get enough of life underwater, even when you’re dining!

Maldives Underwater Restaurant Conrad MaldivesCredit: Conrad Maldives

10. And of course, a relaxing massage with the fishes!

Maldives Huvafen-Fushi-Maldives-Beautiful-Underwater-HotelCredit: Listtoptens

11. Not only will you see a sky full of stars. You’ll enjoy a beach full of stars.

Glow in the Dark Beach

Ostracod crustaceans- though commonly known as bioluminescent phytoplankton- can be found on eastern islands such as Mudhdhoo, Vaadhoo, and Rangali. Most prominently seen in February to July.

 12. Even the sea creatures in the Maldives are photogenic.

Photogenic sea creatures maldivesCredit: Akeii

13. A Seaplane that picks you up from the Airport?! Show us the way already.

W-Retreat-Maldives-jetty seaplaneCredit: Home Designing

14. Oh Maldives, we’re coming for you!

Maldives_Huvafen_Fushi_Destination_Dining2Credit: Huvafen Fushi

Perhaps it’s time to save up for that dream vacation in the Maldives? 😝

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