Here's The 8 Cheapest Halal Eats In Singapore's Top Spots You'll Ever Find


Harris •  Oct 06, 2017

Our personal definition of ‘Top Spots’ are places you must see and experience in a “supposed” 48 hour layover in the country! Singapore is one of the only places in the world to boast a multi-cultural identity as its own. Being a melting pot of cultures, this tiny red dot is home to a diverse mix of flavours that will leave your tastebuds tingling ?

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Yummy halal food in Singapore doesn't have to be expensive! Here's 9 cheapest eats in Singapore’s top spots you absolutely have to try ?

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Orchard Road

 1. As Shifaa Cafe (Muslim-Owned)

You’ve heard all about Singapore’s world famous Chicken Rice, but this entry is an interpretation of the popular dish like no other! Being an establishment owned by a Malay family, it has a closer resemblance to the Malay interpretation of the dish (while not exactly) rather than the Hainanese or even its Indonesian counterpart. So why is As Shifaa’s take on the Chicken Rice dish so popular?

Credit: @munchingmarc on Instagram


“Wait, haven’t I seen this before?” At first glance, you might wonder why I would mistakenly review a Nasi Lemak dish as Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice in Malay) but make no mistake, this is indeed Nasi Ayam. The chicken is deep fried and almost always fresh out of the fryer when it’s laid out on your plate!

Credit: @estherpoh on Instagram

The crispy, juicy chicken has been marinated in a blend of spices commonly used in Malay cooking and the rice while fragrant, provides a perfect balance to the dish with its neutrality. The star of the show is unmistakably the sambal which brings the whole dish together! At only $5 per plate, this hearty meal is more than enough to satisfy any rumbling tummy out there

Address: 304 Orchard Road, #06-52 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Opening Hours: 11am - 4pm, Closed on Sundays

Price: $5

Puncak Restaurant has the best noodles, it’s literally on their signboard!  A mainstay for years in Orchard’s halal food scene, there’s no denying its ability to gather the crowd on a weekend at dinner time. Serving noodles representative of Chinese and Malay cooking, it does a good job at respecting traditional recipes. There is however, a menu item that is very distinguishable from the rest…

Credits: travelinstylewithfara

Honeydew Chicken Noodles?! We’re not sure of the history of this dish, but it did make us feel curious to try. You’re not going to see chunks of honeydew in between strands of noodles though, don’t worry! Rather, the sauce is infused with a honeydew concentrate. Personally, I think it works to combine sweet and savoury flavours into one dish.

Credit: @highfifthavenue on Instagram

Our personal recommendation would be a new item that’s not on the menu. Ask about the Salted Egg Chicken to really be impressed! A best-seller that has people flocking to the Chinese establishment next door, this seems to mimic that with chicken and is certified halal. Congratulations detective: you heard it through the grapevine ?

Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #05-93/94, Singapore 228213

Opening Hours: Daily; 11.30am - 9.30pm

Price: $4 - $7/pax

Bugis/Arab Street

4. No Name Teh Sarabat Stall (Muslim-Owned)

Teh Tarik is culture. Origins of the Teh Tarik are a mystery but they’ve been around forever. The stall in this entry is one of the oldest and best loved institutions in the area! And yes, I used the word ‘institution.’ This stall deserves some respect to its name; if it only had one ?

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If you’ve ever wondered what a Singaporean artisan brewed tea looks and tastes like, here’s where you would find it!

Credit: @azafotos on Instagram

Tucked in a little corner in one of the busier lanes of Arab Street and right across from the bustling Kampong Glam Cafe, the setting is a throwback to the old generation of Singapore and its humble beginnings. A cuppa that 3 generations of families can appreciate. Never change, you ?

Credit: @isaac.adler on instagram

Address: 21 Baghdad Street, Singapore 199660

Opening Hours: 6.30am - 12pm

Price: $1.20 per cuppa

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4. Pita Bakery

Well, if you’re in Arab Street, you'd expect to find Arabian-inspired fare. An underrated type of cuisine, its scarcity has contributed to its non-popularity as options for breakfast/lunch/dinner in this part of the world. But I’ll let you in on a secret, these guys are low-key Master Bakers!

Credit: @shahruleskinny on Instagram

Baked fresh on the daily, you can expect an array of the fluffiest and tastiest Pitas in South-East Asia! Offering homemade hummus, made true to time-honored recipes, it is no wonder that the establishment markets itself as a Health Food Store. Good-bye preservatives!

Credits: @iamjaynedoh on Instagram

The establishment cheekily experiments with tastes from all over the world and boasts flavours inspired from as far as Japan to New Orleans (U.S.A) in a bid to diversify its menu. Embraced by the vegan community in Singapore, we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Address: 29 Bali Ln, Singapore 189865

Opening Hours: Weekdays; 10am - 8.30pm, weekends; 10am - 9pm

Price: $1 each

Little India

5. Nasi Lemak Kukus (Muslim-Owned)

Nasi Lemak is culturally Singapore’s most influential dish to date, having appeared in different forms like gourmet food, burgers and even ice-cream! But, of course, nothing can beat a comforting plate of delicious nasi lemak ?

Credit: @hey_hilary on Instagram

Nasi Lemak Kukus has firmly established itself to be one of Singapore’s top nasi lemak eateries, with its unique service: a fully independent customisable Nasi Lemak. It starts with a helping of rice, as much as you'd like to have at no additional cost and a dollop of spicy sambal on the side. Additional ingredients include fried chicken, fish or eggs.

Credit: @mirazmi on Instagram

And then you walk into the courtyard (even more aesthetically pleasing at night). The setting is an homage to older Singapore, featuring a beautiful spiral staircase and fairy lights to appease ‘bokeh’ enthusiasts! It does have a kampung, rustic, charm about it: domesticated cats and all.

Credit: @sihuing on Instagram

Address: 229 Selegie Road, Singapore 188343

Opening Hours: 12pm - 10.30pm, closed on Sundays

Price: $4 - $6/pax

Chinatown/Telok Ayer

6. Segar Restaurant

I don’t speak for everyone, but a trip to Chinatown might feel a little daunting for a lot of people, considering the lack of halal non-fast food options in the area. Knowing about this entry on our list might just make Chinatown Point your favourite place to hang out!

Credit: Segar Restaurant on Facebook

Zhi Char has always been an unfamiliar concept to me growing up; until at 22 years old, when I was taken here. I always find it extremely kind and comforting, when my friends ask and take interest in my culture. One of my favourite memories remain watching said friends, try hilariously at eating with their hands in a traditional Malay home even when they didn’t have to. Walking into this restaurant, it felt just like that, in the best way possible. Make no mistake, it is a Chinese restaurant that's halal-certified!

Credit: @lynetteysburq on Instagram

Where to begin? Curry Fish Head, Claypot Golden Chicken, and the Claypot Tom Yum Soup are your best bets! Extensively raved about online, it comes as no surprise when you combine great value and excellent customer service.  Other than the obvious Chinese inspired cuisines, the restaurant also offers Chinese-Thai fare in its menu!

Address: Chinatown Point, B2-39/40/41 Singapore 059413

Opening Hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm, Open Daily

Price: $10 per pax (shared)

7. Rayyan’s Waroeng Penyet (Muslim-Owned)

A newcomer to the ever-growing halal food scene in Singapore, Rayyan’s Waroeng Penyet (RWP) seems to have already gained a cult following. Fusion cuisine seems to be all the rage these days and RWP has embraced that, riding the waves of popular culture to unprecedented success! Combining both Indonesian and Western cuisines, this next dish is a harmonious marriage of explosive flavours ?

Credit: @rwp.sg on Instagram

Innovation is what drives the team behind RWP, constantly experimenting with new combinations to meet consumer demand. It is clear what the motive of the establishment is: to give the people what they want. A true People’s Champion!

Credit: @rwp.sg on Instagram

Their enthusiasm is contagious and that’s always a good thing! Take notice, they’re definitely going to be around for a long time.

Address: 121 Telok Ayer St, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Opening Hours: Mon - Wed; 7am - 3.30pm,  Thurs - Fri; 7am - 9.30pm, Saturday; 9am - 1pm

Price: $6 - $10 per pax

Changi Airport

8. Curry Times

An associate of the internationally loved Old Chang Kee, the chain soon expanded into opening restaurants when it realised it had a mouthwatering recipe. A product of intense research and development, there finally was a eureka! moment when it found The Curry.

Credit: @adelinelim on Instagram

Expanded to 8 locations, and a menu containing some of the country's favourite dishes, it's a go-to option for many Singaporeans: very much like Old Chang Kee. Curry Times boldly claims to be the best Curry restaurant in Singapore and might not actually be too far off that statement, with its savoury and flavourful dishes!

Credit: @therefore_i_eat on Instagram

The most exciting part of all though, has to be the bite-sized biscuits called ‘iced gems’ on display at the front of every restaurant! Patrons can help themselves and scoop them into paper cones at no cost at all. The best things in life are indeed free! Cue the nostalgia train ?

Address: #B2-51 Changi Airport Terminal 3, 65 Airport Blvd 819663

Opening Hours: Daily; 7am - 11pm

Price: $5 - $7 per pax

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As you set off into the sky and catch an aerial view of the city, you think to yourself: how is a country so small be this much exciting? The stewardess asks if you would like to have anything to drink. “Teh peng please!” as a joke, in the thickest Singaporean accent you can muster. She smiles, reminding you of every face you’ve met along the way… and that’s when you realise: I’ll be back