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Here’s 8 Reasons Why Nepal Is Every Muslim Traveller’s Dream Destination


Qazzira Kamaluddin •  Feb 05, 2018


A nation filled with immensely beautiful landscapes and people, it's no wonder why a lot of adventurers are flocking over to Nepal to witness His divine creations. Wedged between two colossal countries, Nepal is a creation of its own. It is the quintessential destination for both the laid-back travellers and those who’s itching to hike up the Himalayas! Credit: Giphy Here are 8 reasons why you should visit Nepal:
1. Nature lovers, this one’s for you!
Imagine being greeted with a sunrise amidst snow-capped mountains while sipping your chai. Trekking alongside rice fields sounds pretty gratifying too. Nepal has long established itself as a go-to destination to appreciate the vast nature it has. The Nagarkot region in Nepal has synonymously been known as the best place in Nepal to chase after sunsets and sunrise. Nagarkot is a 2 hours’ drive from the city of Kathmandu.
Sunrise at Nagarkot
2. The adventure of a life-time in one single trip ❤️
Mountaineering, paragliding, rafting and bungee jumping. You name it. Nepal is also home to one of the best trekking routes in the world called the Annapurna Region. With plenty of agencies offering top-notch services and packages at affordable prices, the only challenge that you will face is choosing a package best catered to your respective needs.  For the laidback travellers, you might want to opt for the hand-made bamboo children’s swing, practically found in rural villages around the country. Don’t worry, you’ll squeal too. Credit: Giphy
Credit: @hercollarbone on Instagram
Credit: @Muchbetteradventures on Instagram
3. No Halal food in Nepal? You thought wrong!
The common misconception that many Muslims will have about Nepal is the lack of Halal eateries. Although Nepal is heavily influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism, the town of Thamel in Kathmandu is both a heavenly shopping district and the home ground for halal eateries. You heard that right, you can have halal-certified butter chicken and shop for pashmina shawls in the same district! Some of the halal-certified eateries include Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant and Al Madina Halal foods.
Credit: @puskar_pradhanang on Instagram Undeniably, there will be certain occasions when it might be hard to source out for Halal food especially when you are travelling distances for mountaineering or any other activities. Let your guide know on your concerns and he/she will direct you to the nearest vegetarian shop.
Credit: @Juicymar on Instagram Be sure to try their local delicacies such as the Buff Thukpa (as shown above) and Momo, a Nepalese dumpling when you’re there! ? [inlinewidget id=42302]
4. When the architecture is a seller ❤️
Scattered with ancient ruins and architecture, Nepal is the go-to place for photographers wanting to capture every bit left of an ancient country. Nepal’s buildings are no taller than 3 storeys. This practice is firmly held by the belief that no building should be taller than the Buddha statue standing at 12,600 feet in Mustang, Nepal.
5. Affordability of everything!
An average stay at a decent three star hotel in Kathmandu is at an average price of $55 per night. During my stay in Kathmandu 3 years ago, our hotel offered us the basic necessities and included breakfast as well. Do take note that breakfast is not halal-certified in majority of the hotel chains in Nepal. We only had plain toast and cereal. It is also highly recommended to stay at an affordable hotel if you are opting for the adventurous trip. Getting around in Kathmandu is relatively affordable as well; one might hop on to the Bemo, similar to Bangkok’s tuk tuks.  There are also plenty of tourist buses operated by travel agencies in Kathmandu to bring you to rest of the cities in Nepal. Ladies, shopping in Kathmandu should be order for the day, every day. Embroidered pouches and pashmina shawls for souvenirs? Yes please!
Credit: Cheryl Marland on Flickr
6. Handpicked Nepalese Chai so good that the coffee lovers will switch!
Credit: Giphy A trip to Nepal without tasting Chai (or tea) is not a fulfilling trip at all. Nepal’s tea plantations are among the largest in the world. Nepalese drink tea around the clock, having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can opt for it with milk as well, which always taste better.
Credit: @Talesovertea on Instagram For those who wants to bring back a piece of Nepal home, do visit the tea shops or tea houses scattered along Kathmandu to buy a box of tea sachets. They come in different flavours as well!
#HHWT Tip: If you’ve been to Nepal, you can also share your experiences on HHWT Forum and inspire fellow travellers to visit this majestic country!  
7. The myriad of cultures
Credit: @razashrestha on Instagram Nepal boasts a myriad of topographical and cultural mix. Though predominantly influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism, there are more than a hundred ethnic groups residing from the bustling city of Kathmandu to the snow-capped Himalayas. The real voyage of discovery consists of not seeking in new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Learning about one’s culture broadens an individual’s perspective on what life is.
Credit: @pasqualsilvia on Instagram [inlinewidget id=42302]  
8. The warmth of the people
Truth to be told, this should be the ultimate pull factor to visit Nepal. Though our tongues spoke of a different language, they pulled me in their arms and said, “Namaste.” A guest is treated like a royalty in Nepal.  The lack of hospitality and amicable service should be the least of your worries when you are you heading to Nepal. Not only that, they are willing to answer any of your queries on anything. Even though poverty is undeniable in the streets of Nepal, they are still grateful for whatever that they are blessed with. This became an eye-opening experience for me, who has the luxury of everything back home but still feeling that something is missing, somewhere.
#HHWT Tip: If you can find some time to visit the orphanages in Nepal, please do so. They are more than happy to have your presence around. I can list 2000 other reasons to visit Nepal but I shall save the time by allowing you guys to book your flight and plunge into your Nepal trip planning now. So what are you waiting for? ?