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Hello Spring Festival: Hear From Muslim Converts About The Lunar New Year Celebrations


Ili •  Feb 10, 2021


Beyond race, religion and cultural background, Lunar New year is about a time of togetherness with families and loved ones. As part of Hello Spring Festival'slive shows, we invited 5 Muslim converts across Malaysia and Singapore to share about how they celebrate the festive occasion and their ways of reconciling traditions with faith.
From heartwarming stories to the different challenges faced, Mikhail, Siu Lim, Ali, Melanie and Warda let viewers in on their personal journey as Muslim converts while navigating and being part of the Lunar New Year festivities with family and friends. Throughout the session, they also shared bits of advice for fellow Chinese Muslim converts observing the holiday. If you want to watch the full live show, head to Hello Spring Festivalwhere the video will be available till the 19th of February. While you're there, explore the various digital booths and make sure to participate in our lucky draws by clicking on the Red Packet booth!
Don't forget to tune in to our next live shows (12-13 February) where we'll be taking you on a virtual tour in Japan, sharing some simple exercises you can do during the Lunar New Year weekend and more. Simply head to Hello Spring Festivalto watch the livestream. We hope to see you there and for those celebrating, Happy Lunar New Year ✨