Hello Spring Festival: How To DIY A Steamboat Feast At Home With Chef Ili Sulaiman


Ili •  Feb 09, 2021

The festive fun has officially started as we kicked off Hello Spring Festival 2021 four days ago! So far, we've wrapped up week 1 of our live shows - one of them featuring celebrity chef from the Asian Food Network, Chef Ili Sulaiman ?

During this live, Chef Ili shared all her tips and tricks on how you can DIY a delicious steamboat feast at home while demonstrating with her own halal steamboat sets from ILIPOT Steamboat & Grill Delivery. From your must-have ingredients to the way you can perfect your meat cooking skills, it was a fun segment that not only showed us how easy it is to have a steamboat at home but also the joy that comes with a family reunion dinner ?

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If you missed this live show - or want to watch it again - just head to Hello Spring Festivalwhere the video will be available till the 19th of February. Don't forget to tune in to the rest of our live shows this week (12-13 February) where you stand a chance to win more awesome prizes from our lucky draws! Similarly, head over to Hello Spring Festival, spot the red packet booths and click on them to join.

With plenty of exciting things for you to enjoy this festive season, we hope to see you for the rest of the event!