Here’s How You Can Collect Points And Win Attractive Prizes From Hello Ramadan 2023


Syahirah Mazlan •  Mar 30, 2023

Surely you’ve heard about HHWT’s Hello Ramadan 2023 event by now! From 17 March to 27 April 2023, you can look forward to a list of exciting and rewarding activities. On the topic of rewards, Hello Ramadan features a point system that can enable you to win attractive prizes! There are two types of prizes - Regular (150 points) & Premium (350 points) with the top prize being a 3D2N staycay at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay. ? It's really easy to collect points to join our lucky draw, here’s how!

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1. Write your thoughts down in the Ramadan Journal

When you visit the Hello Ramadan website, you’ll be greeted with an event map (the page with the mini people standing around a festival site). Click the <Faith & Inspiration> button and you’ll be taken to a page with Ramadan stories, charity directory and much more. 

Click the <Ramadan Journal> icon that’ll lead you to the reflection page with the question of the day (as pictured above). There will be 30 days worth of questions so you can login and answer one everyday and get 10 points per entry - that’s 300 points at the end of the month! ? At the end of the event, you’ll received a compilation of your reflections so you can read through them and see how much you’ve progressed in your mindfulness journey this Ramadan!

2. Read through the recipes, Ramadan stories and more

Did you know that just looking through the (Sahur, Iftar and Raya) recipes can get you points too? Here’s the list of content that you can explore PLUS the points aka stars you get for interacting with them:

*The stars mentioned here are for visiting a single page - we have many so you can imagine to total!

  • Check out Ramadan recipes: 2 stars
  • Visit Charity Partners page: 5 stars
  • Submit Daily Reflections: 10 stars
  • Visit Sponsors and Partners booth: 15 stars
  • Read Ramadan Q&A & Ramadan Around the World: 2 stars
  • Visit Digital Booths: 1 star

There are many more things you can do to collect points! Make sure you thoroughly explore our site and collect as much as you can so that you can spin the wheel. ? New content will be uploaded weekly for even more points!

3. Tune into our weekly Live shows

You can look forward to not one, but TWO live shows a week on the Hello Ramadan website where we’ll be discussing modern contemporary topics such as the role of a modern Muslim woman, mental wellness in Islam, significance of Ramadan and reasons why we fast and much more! 

Joining to watch the live show will give you 30 points just for tuning in. P.S. There’s a total of 6 live shows, so 30 x 6 will give you 180 points by the end of the event! That’s enough for one Regular spin!

How to spin the wheel

Once you think you've collected enough points, click <My Stars> button to view the total points. The platform also allows you to see exactly where your points are being allocated! When you're ready to spin the wheel and try your luck, click on <SPIN!> located on the top left menu and you'll be taken to the wheel.

P.S. Keep a look out for the countdown on the top right of the page! Once the countdown hits 0, the button will light up for you to collect your points. Make sure you stay long enough on the page so you don't miss this!

Depending on your points (and confidence), you can choose between two types of spins! There will be new prizes added every week so you'll always have something to look forward to. All the best on those spins!

*Disclaimer: Lucky draw is only open to those residing in Singapore

We hope you continue collecting points to stand a chance to win lots of exciting prizes! If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re not too late to do so because signing up is FREE and you’ll get exclusive Ramadan content that you can use to transform yourself this Ramadan. ?