Hello Ramadan 2023: 30-Day Mindfulness Journal, Point System And Lucky Draw Prizes To Be Won


Syahirah Mazlan •  Mar 10, 2023

It’s common knowledge that Ramadan is a special month for Muslims! It’s a symbol of a new beginning, a time for recalibration, prayer and reflection - we’re even launching a Ramadan event called ‘Hello Ramadan’. ? We would like to share more about the features you can look forward to at Hello Ramadan 2023 including interactive elements like a Spin-The-Wheel lucky draw and Ramadan journal which we’ll share more about in this article, so keep reading!

P.S. Our Hello Ramadan 2023 website is now LIVE! Check it out and sign up to enjoy exclusive content and rewards for members!

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This year, HHWT will be launching its first ever Ramadan event called ‘Hello Ramadan 2023’, happening from 17 March to 27 April 2023. It is a FREE event that users can sign up for through our website to participate in exciting Ramadan-centred events and experiences for an all-rounded fasting month from faith to food and beyond!

P.S. For more information, check out our article about what Hello Ramadan 2023 is about!

We’re excited to announce two features (among many to come) that you can look forward to when you sign up for our event!

Spin-The-Wheel prizes

We want to help our community be immersed in the Ramadan spirit and what’s a better way to do that than by providing content centering around blessings and faith that you can interact with? By interacting with the content on our Hello Ramadan platform, users can collect points for a chance to spin-the-wheel and win physical prizes! ? 

You’ll be able to accumulate points through the event period and spend them on spins. There are two types of spins: Regular Spin (from 150 points) and Premium Spin (from 350 points). Expect new prizes to be released every week including top prizes like a TV, hotel staycation experiences, vouchers and more (stay tuned for updates!). ?

Ramadan journal

The Ramadan journal is a mindfulness journal with 30 Days of thought-provoking questions for users to ponder over! ? Ramadan isn’t just about preparing for the month-long celebration that comes after! We want the users to take this opportunity to reflect on themselves and their faith. The mindfulness journal is meant to help our users keep track of their thoughts and count their blessings during the Ramadan period.

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Hello Ramadan 2023

Date: 17 March to 27 April 2023

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