Heaven’s Gate At Pulau Mawar: Plan An Amazing Day Trip to Johor's Hidden Gem


Steffie Tan •  Feb 19, 2021

Mersing is a small town located along the eastern coast of Johor. It is famous for its beautiful multitude of islands that host crystal blue waters with white sandy beaches. Today, we will be guiding you on a one-day trip to Heaven’s Gate, Pulau Mawar! This Instagram-worthy spot is getting a lot of attention and you can definitely visit this attraction once the situation gets better in Malaysia.

Getting to Pulau Mawar

Pulau Mawar is located north of Mersing town, where a 30 minutes' drive from town will take you to Pantai Mawar. Here are a few key points to get you to our hidden gem.

  • Type in ‘Jalan Penyabong Carpark Opposite Pulau Mawar’ in Google Maps or Waze and have your car parked at the end of the road.
  • Walk towards Pantai Mawar: Enjoy a stroll along the beautiful beach lapped with clear blue waters under the sun. It’s a quiet beach spot, so you can have all the space to yourself!
  • Cross to Pulau Mawar via the sandbank: Pulau Mawar used to be an island separated by a small straight from the mainland but after years of wave-washing, Pulau Mawar is now accessible via a sandbank connected to Pantai Mawar that is available during the low tides.
  • #HHWT Tip: Be sure to check the tidal charts before travelling to Pulau Mawar.

Hiking to Heaven's Gate and other things to see

1. Walk along the mangrove swamp

At the edge of the sandbank, you will arrive at Pulau Mawar. As with all islands, there are mangroves lined as nature’s barrier to protect it from the wind and waves. Take extra caution as you walk as there will be mangrove roots sticking along the coasts.

2. The ‘Insta-tree’

Nature can do wonders, doesn’t it? The Insta-tree is a tree further out into the ocean that looks like it is the lone tree in the sea when the tide rises. Take a snap for your Instagram, as the name suggests!

3. Plan a mini-hike to Heaven’s Gate

Two to three minutes past the Insta-tree, walk towards a trail into the forest. It’s a simple hike assisted with ropes along the way and a ladder at the end. Heaven’s Gate will be right there facing the South China Sea! Isn’t this place beautiful? Pose for your Instagram feed!

P.S. Don't forget to take gorgeous pics with the crystal clear water!

Halal food nearby

Mersing is well-known for its fresh seafood. This trip will be all the more worthwhile if you are able to drop by these halal eateries in Mersing. From snacks to full-course meals, we’ve got you covered!

1. Warung Tok Nan @ Ikan Celup Tepung

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: Medan Selera Penyabong, Kampung Penyabong Pantai, 86900 Endau, Johor

Opening hours: Open daily; 2PM-7PM

What to eat: Deep-fried seafood and snacks such as ikan celup tepung, pisang goreng, and keropok lekor

2. Medan Ikan Bakar & Seafood Endau

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: Jalan Perisai 3 86900 Kuala Endau, Pahang, Malaysia

Opening hours: Open daily; 5PM-1AM

What to eat: Grilled seafood in delicious sambal, crab cuisines in different flavours such as buttered, black pepper, salted egg or sweet chili

3. Brother Joe Ikan Bakar and Seafood

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: J80, Kampung Mersing Kanan, 86800 Mersing, Johor.

Opening hours: Open daily; 2.30PM-12.30AM

What to eat: Ikan Pari Bakar, Steamed Ikan Kerapu, Sweet and Spicy Crabs

4. Satey Teluk Iskandar

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: Kampung Paya Tinggal, 86800 Mersing, Johor.

Opening hours: Fri-Wed; 5PM-12AM (Closed on Thu)

What to eat: Assorted satays (Seafood – squid, mussels, prawn/ Meat – beef, kampung chicken, duck, rabbit, chicken liver etc.)

Useful Hiking Tips

It is a fairly easy hike to Heaven’s Gate which is a great one-day trip for families with young and old. Wear proper shoes to protect your feet from some of the mangrove roots. Consider a hiking stick as it may get slippery as you walk along the mangroves.

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