10 Halal Eateries To Kickstart 2022 With Your Loved Ones


Nia Sarah •  Dec 29, 2021

Working from home isn't the default for now, and more people are eating out! While we're out and about enjoying scrumptious food with our loved ones, we're still living in the pandemic, so remember staying healthy should still be a priority. ? If you’re struggling to keep to a healthier eating routine, we’ve got you - finding healthier dining options is easier than you think! ?

With more than 100 eateries with healthier options, under the Healthier Dining Programme serving various types of halal cuisines from traditional nasi padang stalls to Korean and fusion dishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’ve compiled 10 halal eateries you’ll love and added on some simple tweaks to achieve the holy grail of eating: delicious AND nutritious food! ?

#HHWTTip: Pick out your meals by looking for the Healthier Choice Symbols or lower in calories logo on the menu. 

Credit: Health Promotion Board

10 Halal Restaurants For A Healthier Meal With Your Family

1. PastaMania

Credit: @pastamaniasingapore for Instagram

Where else do we go to get our pasta fix if not PastaMania? Those classic pasta dishes you’ve been indulging in such as Chicken Bolognese, Aglio Olio and Prawn Aglio Olio are lower in calories!  Now, you can eat these pastas in moderation guilt-free! You can also choose other healthier menu options from pasta to pizzas. ? 

2. Prata Wala

Credit: @hee710210 for Instagram 

Biting into a crispy roti prata or a fluffy naan immediately gives you that much-needed comfort from a stressful day. Considering how it is one of the go-to places for Indian delicacies for Singaporeans, why not treat yourself to Prata Wala? The next time you’re craving some Indian food, choose their healthier set meals which follows HPB’s My Healthy Plate! Their tandoori chicken set is a must try. For your Quarter plate of wholegrain, opt for their whole grain naan, prata or chapati! Also, choose Dal Makhani, a lentil-based dish which is equal parts yummy and healthy!

Their whole grain options taste just as good as the usual non-wholegrain, so you won’t be missing out on your favourite Indian dishes anyway! You can also opt to take a smaller amount of gravy in your meal, to give your dishes the perfect amount of kick while still having a healthier meal. 

#HHWTTip: My Healthy Plate is an easy guide for you to determine how much of each food group to eat during meals, and ensures that you have a balanced diet! It’s as easy as Quarter, Quarter, Half! Fill Quarter plate with wholegrains, Quarter plate with good sources of protein and Half plate with fruit and vegetables. ?

3. Penang Culture

Credit: Penang Culture for Facebook

For those of us who can wait no longer for a foodie trip to Penang, Penang Culture can fill this gap with classic and healthier options from the street food capital of Malaysia. Enjoy their signature classic dishes with lower calories such as Penang Assam Laksa, Vegetarian Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Broccoli, and more! Not only will it help satiate your cravings, but it also helps you watch your waistline! ☺️

4. Swensen's

Credit: Swensen’s for Facebook

You’ve celebrated your childrens’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions in Swensen’s before, so you’ve probably memorised your go-to order and skipped the menu. Why not switch up from your usuals, and order other interesting and healthier options for a brand new start! Choose from their extensive list of healthier meal options like Pesto Salmon, BBQ Chicken, Grilled Fish with Meuniere Sauce, and more! Now you’ll have extra energy to keep up with your energetic toddlers! ?

5. Kaki Makan

Credit: Health Promotion Board

Say goodbye to sluggish mornings with healthy breakfast sets and beverages with no added sugar at Kaki Makan. If you’re looking for some filling and savoury dishes, choose their Shredded Chicken Porridge and Chicken Meatball Soup! Healthier mornings mean you get a pump of energy, be it for work or just a fun-filled day with the family!

6. Good Old Days

Credit: @tanktop_pianist for Instagram

Sentosa is definitely a favourite place for Singaporeans to spend their vacations at, to chill and unwind with your loved ones. While we understand that it’s tough to be healthy during vacations, Good Old Days proves that you can still have fun and stay healthy as well! Enjoy local delicacies such as Kung Pao Chicken with Brown Rice, Ayam Masak Merah with Brown Rice, and Sliced Fish Toman Soup with the option of choosing brown rice! Brown rice is not only yummy with its nutty flavour, but it is also higher in wholegrain and is a rich source of dietary fibre which helps to keep the heart healthy ?

7. Pizza Hut

Credit: Pizza Hut for Facebook

If you’re planning a party for the year end or new year’s gathering, Pizza Hut probably comes to mind! How can we resist that beautiful stretch of cheese as you bite into a slice? You can still savour their vegetarian pizza such as Veggie’s Lovers, or if you prefer their pastas, you may want to opt for the lower calorie options like Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio. It’s not cheating, we promise! ? 

8. Seoul Garden Hotpot

Credit: HotPot By Seoul Garden Group Singapore for Facebook

Korean food lovers, rejoice! Our rainy season right now calls for some comforting food, and a lower-calorie Duyu Wagyu Beef hotpot is perfect to warm up your soul and give you enough energy to get through your day. If you prefer a simpler, fuss-free meal, their lower-calories BiBimBap is the perfect, healthier meal that suits your busy lifestyle!

9. Oldtown White Coffee 92

Credit: Oldtown Singapore for Facebook

If you want an affordable, quick yet healthier local cuisine for lunch, head down to OldTown White Coffee for classic dishes such as Pan Mee Soup, Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun and Classic Dry Mee Hoon. Before enjoying their delicious dishes, be sure to check out the options with the Healthier Choice Symbol on the menu! 

#HHWTTip: Being Singaporeans, we all have an appetite as big as our food culture, so it might seem difficult to balance between our love to savour delicacies and the need to stay healthy! However, eating healthily, especially when dining out, is actually really easy! Asking for more vegetables or less gravy or choosing dishes with the Healthier Choice Symbol is already a right step into taking better care of our bodies and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. ?️

10. PappaRich

Credit: PappaRich Singapore for Facebook

Still missing Ipoh food? Fix those cravings at PappaRich, with their delicious spread of authentic Ipoh dishes such as Ipoh Kway Teow Soup with Shredded Chicken & Prawns and Ipoh Kway Teow with Steamed Chicken! Bonus points: It’s healthy too, so get your Ipoh food fix worry-free!

Take Part In A Challenge

Now, you can even be rewarded and be healthy at the same time! Take part in the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge! You get rewarded every week for adopting healthier habits in your daily life. When you choose healthily, you can stand a chance to win, shopping vouchers, and for your family too! When they said being healthy had so many benefits, this must be what they are referring to: a better lifestyle! ?

You can find out more on how to have a healthier eating lifestyle from  Korang OK?, where you can get many tips on leading a healthier lifestyle. 

With more than 100 eateries with healthier options, having a more balanced diet when dining out is easier than you think. Time to make 2022 the year you and your family get healthier and stay safe together!

This article is brought to you by the Health Promotion Board.