Collage showing Harry Potter's A Forbidden Forest Experience attractions

Everything You Need To Know About Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience


Qistina Roslan •  Feb 02, 2024

Potterheads and all lovers of the wacky and wonderful wizardry world, the popular Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is coming to Singapore! Starting from 3 February 2024, this attraction will be calling the Coastal Trail in Sentosa home for a period of time, bringing in a sense of wonderment and delight to fans young and old. You can get your tickets here now!

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What is it?

This Harry Potter exhibition brings the Wizarding World in the books and movies right at your doorstep for you to experience the magic! It not only focuses on the main storyline, Harry Potter, but also Fantastic Beasts as well.

What can you expect?

You will be walking through a forest filled with the Wizarding World's touch of magic! There is also a merchandise store available on the grounds as well. There are a bunch of photo-taking opportunities, and the lighting and ambience are really top-notch!

A Forbidden Forest Experience

Harry Potter's A Forbidden Forest Experience

The Forbidden Forest Experience immerses you into the world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts too! Admire the scenes and pick out little details as you traverse through the wooded areas. Come face-to-face with Hippogriffs and Unicorns and grab some mystifying pictures for your IG feed! Take a bow in front of a Hippogriff and hope that he bows you back!

You can even have fun and cast your own Patronus spells while at the experience itself! (Psst.. you don't need to bring your own wand!) If you want to know more about the event, you should book your tickets soon!


A Hedwig plushie

A variety of Harry Potter-licensed merchandise will be available for purchase at the event grounds. From the usual cups and bags, to mini trinkets, you can peruse the shop and decide on whether you want to add on to your collection of Harry Potter merchandise. Or, grab one of the adorable Hedwig plushies to snuggle with in your bed!


Ticket prices will start from $51 (Adult) and $39 (Child) but are subjected to changes based on the peak periods. There are 3 ways you can grab your tickets:

Payment can only be made online through the app or the website so do take note!

Children under 3 years old can enter for free!

Food and Beverages

Harry Potter's A Forbidden Forest Experience

There's not much to eat inside of the exhibition itself, with only a stall selling Butterber ($14) and cookies ($8). The cookies are in the shape of Harry Potter's glasses and the letter that Harry gets in the movie! Very cute.

If you want more options for food, you can head to the nearby marketplace (right next door) to grab some snacks. Or you can head to the other side of the road and grab a refreshing coconut dessert.

How to get there?

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

In terms of parking, you'll be able to park at Beach Station, Imbiah, Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach, and Sentosa Cove Village Parking Areas. If not, there are public transportation options that you can use!

How to get there by public transportation:

  • By Public Bus: Board Bus 123 and alight at Beach Station, transfer to Sentosa Bus A, C or Beach Shuttle
  • By Intra-Island Bus: Board Sentosa Bus A or C and alight at Siloso Point
  • By Sentosa Beach Shuttle: Alight at Siloso Point

If you need more information, head to the website here!


Despite the experience being in the forest, there are restrooms available if you need to use them. The trail is also tar roads, so it's stroller-friendly and wheelchair-friendly too! However, there are some inclines, and the path can be narrow at times. ALternative pathways are available to combat this!

If you are prone to epilepsy, the operations behind this experience have ensured that the light effects used are not triggering for epilepsy-prone visitors. There are some smoke effects and loud music, however, so do take note!

The experience is not spooky. However, if you do have arachnophobia, inform the staff and they can guide you to the spider-free zones! The experience is open to everyone! Children under 12 years old do have to be accompanied by an adult, however, as the trail will be dark in some places.

Do bring an umbrella or rain coat as the attraction will still go on if light rain occurs. It will only be cancelled if there is heavy rain!

Tips For Harry Potter's A Forbidden Forest Experience

Bring an umbrella/poncho

The whole experience is outdoors, and there's virtually no sheltered walkway in the exhibition. If it does rain, bring an umbrella along with you! Or you can get a poncho instead.

Dress up as a Harry Potter character!

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

Dress up in your house colours if you can! We brought our Slytherin (WOO) robe to the event and it really added to the vibe and was a great addition for pictures! We forgot to bring our own wand but you can too if you want those magical pictures! A lot of the fun of it was truly dressing up as though you're part of the Harry Potter world.

Have a portable fan with you

Despite the exhibition being close to the sea, a chunk of it is within the 'forest' itself, so it can be quite humid at times. We recommend bringing a fan along to stop Singapore's humid weather from ruining the fun!

Bring your kids along!

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

This exhibition is very kid-friendly and perfect for kids of all ages! Firstly, the photo opportunities are massive and will immerse your kids into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They're a perfect height to spot the cheeky Nifflers or look up and scan the treeline for owls! The Butterbeer they serve is non-carbonated but very sweet so kids can enjoy them too! The interactive activities are honestly a blast as you can shout the spells and experience 'magic'.

The entire exhibition does have ambient lighting however, there are areas which are pretty dark so do take note!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now to the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

Admission: $51 (Adults) | $39 (Child)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (7.45PM - 11.15PM), last entry at 10.15PM

Address: Sentosa, near Siloso Point Station