Harajuku Visitor Centre

The Harajuku Visitor Centre Has A Prayer Room, Halal Japanese Snacks And More


Qistina Roslan •  Dec 04, 2023

Right next to Harajuku Station, the Harajuku Visitor Centre has a ton of facilities that are easily accessible and will be great for those of you who need a respite from the crowds, help in navigation or want to get some snacks for the road.


The visitor centre

Walking into the centre, you'll be greeted by the very friendly staff who are always ready to help! The interior is sizable and there are a lot of items around for you to peruse as well! We'll break down the main amenities and facilities that you can find here!

Prayer room

If you need a quiet area to do your prayers, Harajuku Visitor Centre's prayer room is conducive and clean, giving you peace of mind as you pray. The prayer room does offer prayer mats and prayer garments, however, we still do advise packing one if you would like to!

Halal Japanese Snacks and Goodies

Looking through Halal snacks and souvenirs

Did you know you can get some halal snacks at a visitor centre? Well you can now browse through their catalogue before heading off to your next adventure! With its proximity being so close to the train station, it's a perfect place to drop by and grab some snacks for yourself, your kids, your friends or anyone else as a matter of fact!

Halal Japanese gifts and snacks

Look out for this sign when you enter the centre! Everything on this rack are all Halal and will be a great addition to your souvenirs for loved ones.

Traditional sweets

One of the best gifts you can give is these traditional Japanese sweets that change with the season! They are often only found in Japan and are a great way to experience Japan through your tastebuds. You may not be able to visit the region these sweets were made from but, you'll still be able to journey there through taste.

Halal Japanese chocolates

There are a few Japanese chocolates that you can grab, where all of them are made In Japan. Some are branded with iconic Japanese symbols such as Mt. Fuji or Sakura trees. There are also some delicious almonds that you can grab! (psst.. you can find these in MUJI Singapore too if you miss these almonds!)

Want those snacks again? You might be able ti find them at MUJI! Just read our article here to see if it can satisfy your cravings.

More snacks in the area

There are also a bunch of other snacks that you can grab too! The fried rice crackers can be a great gift to a loved one!

Kimono Hijab

If you're looking for some unique gifts, there is a line of Kimono Hijabs, whereby the designs of the hijabs mimic the traditional Japanese kimono! Or, you can get some for yourself and bring the essence of Japan back with you in a form of something practical and great for everyday use!

Baggage Deposit/Delivery

Baggage deposit and delivery services are available at Harajuku Visitor Centre! If you're looking for some last-minute shopping before you leave, you can drop your bags off and head off to grab some goodies before heading home. For convenience, you can also opt to send your luggage to your hotels if it becomes a hassle (especially for those with young kids or large groups).

Wi-fi rental and SIM cards

There is free Wi-fi available at the area so if you need to top up your prepaid cards, contact others or find your way around, you can drop by and hang out in the Visitor Centre before heading back out!

HIS Wi-fi

Credit: HIS Mobile

If you forgot to grab a portable Wi-fi from back home, you can rent one here! From 500MB to Unlimited Data Usage, there is a plan suited for everyone. If you prefer using a physical SIM card, they offer that service here, too. Just head to the counter and enquire and a staff will help you pick out what you need!


There are a bunch of tickets that you can grab for the various attractions around Tokyo. To view the full selection, we recommend heading down there to check it out for yourself as they have Cultural Immersions, Attractions and more!

ATM/Money Exchange Services

Last but not least, there is an ATM as well as Money Exchange services that you can employ if you run out of cash or need to exchange some money to yen.

We hope that this new visitor centre can aid you in your trip in Japan!