Halloween Horror Nights 11 In SG Unleashes Its Frightful Delights - Here’s Our Review!


Farah Fazanna •  Sep 29, 2023

Halloween Horror Nights 11, or HHN11 for the initiated, has become an annual tradition in Singapore that brings out the brave and curious from all corners of the island. Hosted by Universal Studios Singapore, this spectacular event transforms the park into a nightmarish wonderland, complete with monsters, zombies, and creatures (who are really just scare-actors) that go bump in the night. It's the ultimate playground for fans of all things spooky! 😃 In this review, we take you on a chilling adventure through five of this year's haunted houses, offering a glimpse into the heart-pounding, scream-inducing experiences that await.

1. Netflix's All of Us Are Dead House

Every year, the Resorts World Sentosa team works hard to plan a haunted house based on trending movies, pop-culture icons and themes. This year, we went ‘back to school’ at the All of Us Are Dead house which is a house based on the popular Netflix series. The show follows a high school in South Korea that falls under attack of a zombie outbreak - and this haunted house captures that situation perfectly.

It’s eerie and scary the second we enter the house, the walls are scratched up and splattered with blood stains and the lights continue to flicker throughout the path. Personally, I felt this house was really scary because the ‘school’ layout was spot on. Not to spoil too much, but I was terrified of the toilet room (it looked too similar to what my school toilet was like back when I was a student)! The screaming and banging within the stalls was enough to have me screaming as I zoomed out of that room. 😰

If you like school-themed horror, this one's for you! And if you don’t fancy that then… We suggest you st

ay away from this house.

How scary was it?

😓: 9/10 - Even for someone who likes horror, the All of Us Are Dead House was really intense! Lots of jumpscares and flickering lights.

NOTE: There are ‘free-roaming’ zombies!

2. The Weeknd: After Hours Til Dawn Nightmare

“The Weeknd at HHN?” Yup, you read that right! We were intrigued too. The Weeknd is a well-known pop singer from the US known for his R&B beats and songs perfect for a carpool karaoke. So, how scary could The Weeknd-themed house be?

Based on his After Hours and Til Dawn album (any fans here?), this house was based on the Halloween Horror Nights Orlando’s collaboration with The Weeknd back in 2022 and now it’s here in Singapore. Every room will feature The Weeknd in one of his ‘most vulnerable’ states. You’ll come across surgery labs with ladies in bandages (presumably after getting plastic surgery in Hollywood) and much more chilling encounters. Each room is trippy and the music and reverb that plays in the background definitely adds an unsettling atmosphere. I must say though, I’ve never seen that many The Weeknds before in an entire day! Because you’ll find him in each room doing something different - now that’s creepy!

How scary was it?

😵‍💫: 7/10 - It was more trippy and thrilling than scary but I would say the ‘strange’ themes in each room is enough to make you uncomfortable (in a scary way).

NOTE: There are flashing lights and loud music in this house

3. Rebirth of the Matriarch

Those who have been to the first ever Halloween Horror Nights in Singapore 10 years ago would remember this house - Rebirth of the Matriarch. The house is a Peranakan-themed set-up with the production and creative team doing extensive research before building it (even as far as travelling to Melaka to purchase props!). 🙌 We can’t deny that the design of the house is TOP TIER!

The story goes that the Matriarch has passed away after years, and is being resurrected. We get introduced to a Peranakan funeral home and taken through the ‘process’ of her revival. I would say this house was really really scary because it follows a storyline. After leaving the house, we asked other visitors for their thoughts and they said that this house was the scariest one out of the five because (and I quote), “Asian horror is the scariest type of horror”. We have to agree with the sentiment too!

How scary was it?

🥴: 8/10 - It didn’t help that the decorations in the house were eerily familiar, the sound effects throughout were chilling to hear (spoiler: it’s a funeral home so there’s a lot of mourning = crying)

4. DIYU: Descent Into Hell

If you live in Singapore, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Haw Par Villa where you can walk through and learn about the 18 levels of hell. It’s similar to DIYU: Descent Into Hell house but with 10 levels instead. This house will immerse all your five senses. Spoiler: There are chilly rooms, loud rooms, rooms that smell like ‘decay’ (intentionally) and even a mirror maze where you *may* see someone else in your reflection.

I must say, my senses were stimulated throughout the entire house and in the end, I felt really tired. 😅

How scary was it?

😖: 7/10 - One of the least scary houses (in my opinion), but is worth the wait!

5. Grim Encounters

We couldn’t take pictures because it was too dark but here’s a photo of us after HHN11 with Pied Piper!

Before you enter this house, we suggest reading up on the backstory for extra context - or you could find out from us here! 😉 The story behind this house follows the tale of Pied Piper who in ancient times, was a rat catcher in a village. The villagers, however, refused to pay him for his services and in his rage, Pied Piper found another way to collect his payments - by kidnapping children and stealing their souls. In this house, you’ll be playing the role of these innocent children walking through fairytale lands but it’s not exactly what it seems. You’ll come across twisted versions of original fairytale stories like Hansel & Gretel and Snow White. It’s pretty scary especially because you never know when the next scare is coming while you’re trying to understand how each fairytale character got themselves into this mess.

How scary was it?

🧐: 6/10 - Makes you think back to your childhood memories of various characters. It’s more mythical than realistic so you won’t feel too afraid!

BONUS: Halloween Horror Nights 11’s Exclusive Menu Item (HALAL!)

Whether you prefer to fuel up for the night of screaming or bond with your friends and loved ones over a meal after the event, you can’t miss HHN11’s exclusive menu item - The Bloody Horror Burger (SGD25) available at Mel’s Drive-In at Hollywood. The diner itself is halal-certified so you can come in and try their new menu item which comes with a large soft drink, a burger with two beef patties (and some ‘maggots’ and ‘blood’ on top) and a side of tater tots. The portion size is pretty big so you can definitely share if you’re not feeling ravenous. 🤤 Personally, I thought that $25 was way too pricey even for an HHN exclusive but why not give it a try?

From the shrieks of delight to nervous laughter, and from the heart-pounding scares to the impressive displays of creativity, HHN11 has once again proven itself as a must-see event in Singapore. It's a celebration of all things spooky and a testament to the power of storytelling, bringing to life the nightmares we secretly relish. So, will you be visiting Halloween Horror Nights this year?