Here's Where You Can Find (& Buy!) Halal Tteokbokki In Singapore


Shasha Dania •  Jul 23, 2020

Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake) has become a popular snack both in and outside of Korea ever since the K-wave started, and we definitely love it here in Singapore too! While we can't travel right now to enjoy authentic tteokbokki at our favourite halal Korean restaurants in Seoul we can still try to recreate it at home. ? Read on 2 places where you canbuyhalal tteokbokki and tteokbokki sauce in Singapore, or if you don't feel like cooking right now 5 halal places in Singapore selling halal tteokbokki so you can treat yourself to a good meal!

Where can I buy halal tteokbokki and tteokbokki sauce in Singapore?

1. Shopee

Shopee sells just about anything you need - and that includes tteokbokki! The Jongga Tteokbokki Stick Type ($9.93-$10.03 for 500g, halal-certified by Korea Muslim Federation) is one of the top suggestions you'll find. You just need to defrost them once you're ready to cook. Of course, you'll need the sauce to go with it! Shopee also has the Onggojib Jaincheng Halal Tteokbokki Paste ($17 for 500g, halal-certified by the KMF) that comes with all of the rich and savoury tteokbokki flavouring mixed in. ? Just throw them all together and voila! Time to dig in!

P.S. If you bought too much tteokbokki don't worry - here are 5 easy Korean rice cake recipes you can try making at home!

Of course for days when we just don't feel like cooking or want a quick and savoury snack, instant tteokbokki can be a lifesaver. Mujigae Topokki($7.10 for 300g, halal-certified by MUI) comes with the tteok (rice cakes) and sauce packed separately and just needs to be heated up for about 5 minutes before it's ready. The sauce even includes fishcakes! The Korinus K-Bunsik Tokpoki Instant Spicy($4.78 for 140g, halal-certified by MUI) is another instant tteokbokki that comes with just tteok and sauce. Add in some sausages or a slice of cheese and your snack is ready to go. ?

2. Lazada

Lazada is another major e-commerce platform in Singapore and they have all you need for your tteokbokki cravings too, including the Onggojib Jaincheng Halal Tteokbokki Paste($16.90 for 500g). One thing you can find on Lazada you might not see on regular supermarket shelves is halal-certified Yopokki Instant Tteokbokki Rice Cake ($13 for 280g, halal-certified by KMF)! Yopokki is a popular instant tteokbokki brand, but we don't commonly see the halal version here in Singapore. ? Now's your chance to try it!

On top of that, Lazada has several listings by GotKimchi? which is a Muslim-owned Malaysian manufacturer of Korean products and dishes! ? TheirGotKimchi? Halal Tteokbokki Sauce ($12 for 300g, other sizes available) is great for whipping up a hot and spicy meal. If you or someone you know really loves Korean food then you can consider getting the GotKimchi? Halal Tteokbokki Set($36) which comes with tteokbokki sauce, danmuji pickled radish, spicy kimchi, and rice cakes!

Where can I eat halal tteokbokki in Singapore?

1. Jinjja Chicken

We definitely have to mention Jinjja Chicken. Their rabokki is a combination of ramen and tteokbokki, served with some Korean-style fishcakes, egg, and melted cheese to complete this filling meal. ? Pair it with their tteokbokki fries topped with tteokbokki sauce to really take your love of tteokbokki to the next level, or get the mozzarella sticks for some extra cheesy goodness!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $10 (Mains)

Outlet details: Check out their website (Do note that the Changi Airport T2 outlet is currently closed until further notice, but all other outlets are open!)

Delivery via:Online

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. JW Korean Food Story

One of the newest Korean hawker stalls in Singapore, JW Korean Food Story is where you can find tteokbokki ramen in the middle of the heartlands! Located in Ghim Moh Hawker Centre near Buona Vista MRT station, their tteokbokki ramen comes with both tteokbokki and ramen noodles and is topped with sweet and spicy sauce. Plus it's just $5! ? They also have other dishes like Army Stew Steamboat, BBQ Beef Steamboat, and Chicken Jjajang Ramen.

Halal status: Muslim-owned and halal-certified

Average price: $5.50 (Mains)

Opening hours: Open daily; 10.30AM - 9PM

Address: 19 Ghim Moh Road, #01-229, Kopitiam Stall 8, Singapore 270019

Delivery via: Whatsapp +65 90697564 or +65 85881298

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Hanok by Massizim

Specialising in slow-cooked Korean-style stews, Hanok by Massizim doesn't serve up tteokbokki in the familiar stir-fried form you might recognise from Korean street markets but trust us when we say it's worth it. Adding tteokbokki into their rich and hearty stews is the icing on the cake - the chewy texture makes the pot of beef, chicken, or seafood stew so much more satisfying. ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $18 (Mains)

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM - 9.30PM (Last order 9PM)

Address: #01-07 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532

Delivery via:Online

Contact: +65 69060965

Facebook | Instagram

4. Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot

Craving tteokbokki as well as KBBQ? Captain Kim's is where you can dine on both at the same time! Their tteokbokki is one of their most popular side dishes, so you can stuff yourself with tteokbokki and fishcakes to your heart's content while getting your grill fired up. ? Just don't eat too much or you might not have enough stomach space left for their 60 varieties of quality meats that are marinated to perfection!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Buffet price: From $16.90 (Adult), #13.90 (Student/senior), $9.90 (Child)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 11.30AM-3.30PM, 5.30PM-10.30PM, Sat-Sun; 11.30AM-10.30PM

Address: 300, Tampines Ave 5, #01-06 NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653

Contact: +65 62604247

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Mukshidonna

This Pasir Ris eatery is where you should go for your Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) fix! ? Mukshidonna's pots of rich, thick, and savoury stew are topped with soft and chewy tteokbokki and your choice of ingredients - choose from cheese, mushroom, mussels, bulgogi and sausages depending on what you're craving that day. The portions are super generous so if you're planning on dining out with a friend this is a good idea for a hearty meal!

Halal status: Mukshidonna was previously halal-certified, and they are currently in the process of applying for renewal of their certificate. We have reached out to them, and they confirmed that the menu and ingredients have not changed. We advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Average price: $14 (Mains)

Opening hours: Open daily; 11.30AM - 10PM (Last order 9.30PM)

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Avenue, #02-324, Singapore 519599

Delivery via:Online

Contact: +65 81684708

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Time to have your long-awaited tteokbokki feast! ?