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10 Halal Tingkat Deliveries In Singapore For Your Iftar This Ramadan


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 15, 2022


Ramadan is a month away and for those among us with busy schedules, preparing our own meals might sound a little tiring for you! 😰 Not to worry, we got you covered with a list of places where you can get halal tingkat delivery service in Singapore 😋

Halal Tingkat Delivery Services In Singapore

1. Selera Kampung Cuisine

Credit: @selera_kampung__cuisine for InstagramLooking to break fast with scrumptious kampung cuisine? Then let Selera Kampung Cuisine take care of your iftar meals! Be enticed by well-loved Malay dishes like chicken rendang, ayam lemak cili padi (chicken cooked in a light turmeric coconut curry spiced with bird’s eye chillies), sambal fish and more! Plus, there are some special days where you can expect them to change up the menu with nasi briyani or nasi jagung (corn rice) instead of white rice! Check out this Facebook post for their menu. 😍Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: $560-$900 (depends on number of pax and choice of having rice or no rice)To order: Whatsapp 8337 7133Facebook | Instagram

2. Yassin Kampung Seafood

Credit: Yassin Kampung Seafood on FacebookYassin Kampung is known for specialising in seafood and other Malay-Chinese fusion dishes served in zi char (Chinese homecooked dishes) style. Now, you can get their delightful dishes delivered regularly to your doorstep too. The eatery has two options for tingkat delivery - 10-day and 20-day services - with options of 2-6 people. So, it's perfect whether you're a couple or living with family. Their menu is rotated based on their 4-week menu calendar so you can expect various signature dishes in their tingkat delivery. Look out for their hot favourites like butter milk salted egg yolk chicken, hotplate beancurd, 3-flavoured sliced fish and sichuan mala chicken! 😋 Halal status: Halal-certified Price (for dinner only): 10-day package; $183-$428 (based on number of pax), 20-day package; $346-$835 (based on number of pax) To order: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

3. Fuel Your Tummy

Credit: @fuelyourtummy for InstagramEnjoy homecooked dishes with Fuel Your Tummy's tingkat delivery. This Muslim-owned home-based caterer usually does catering services or live stations for events. Their menu for Ramadan tingkat delivery this year lets you taste almost every part of the world: Western, Malay, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indian. So now instead of having white rice every day, you can switch it up aglio olio, beef bulgogi, beef Bahn mi and even chicken haryali! Check out their menu on their Instagram page. 🤤Halal status: Muslim-owned Price: 25 days, no delivery of meals on Sundays - $425 (1 pax), $625 (2 pax), $750 (3 pax), $875 (4 pax), $1000 (5 pax), $1125 (6 pax) To order: Whatsapp 81346186, or send a direct message on Facebook and Instagram Facebook | Instagram

4. Pak Dollah

Credit: Pak Dollah for FacebookKnown for their nasi ambeng, catering services and bento sets, Pak Dollah is no stranger to the local catering scene in Singapore. This Ramadan, if you're too tired to cook, why not let them deliver their warm Malay dishes to your doorstep? With offerings like nasi briyani, asam pedas (fish cooked in tamarind curry) and daging masak kicap (soy sauce beef), you're guaranteed a fulfilling meal for iftar. Each day, you’ll be getting a different type of meat! For instance,  Mondays are for chicken dishes, Tuesday for fish, and so forth. You’ll definitely know what to expect to get your tummy ready for a scrumptious meal! Their carb options are pretty unique too, with variations like nasi mandi, nasi minyak zaiton (olive oil rice) and nasi tomato as alternatives to white rice. We forgot the best part: you’ll even get a free dessert for your meals! Check out the menu on their Facebook page. ☺️Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: Daily (price for 1 meal daily) - $25 (2 pax), $33 (3 pax), $38 (4 pax) inclusive of deliveryTo order: Whatsapp 90295849 or call 63966646Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Adam’s Corner

Credit: Adam's CornerThose of you who have been to Adam's Corner might know that it's popular for its halal bak kut teh (meat bone soup). They have returned with their popular halal tingkat delivery again for this upcoming Ramadhan! Choose from either their 21-day (Mon-Fri) or 30-day package (Mon-Sun) and enjoy a range of Malay dishes like black pepper beef, sambal goreng (Indonsian potato sambal), ikan belado, briyani and nasi jagung sets as well! This year, they have a special Taiwanese porridge which you have to try. There’s only 150 slots so hurry and book now! Check out the menu on their Facebook page. 😋Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: 21-day cycle; $580-$1500 (2-4 pax), 30-day cycle; $820-$2130 (2-4 pax)To order: Whatsapp or call 88004248/97429224Facebook

6. Nusantara Cuisine

Credit: @nusantaracuisine_sg for Instagram If you’re craving delicious Indonesian dishes, you can get your cravings fixed with Nusantara Cuisine. Apart from having an outlet in Telok Ayer, they also offer catering services! Be delighted by a wide variety of Indonesian classics such as daging belado (spicy beef jerky), soto madura (Maduranese beef soup), ikan semur (Indonesian fish stew), and more. They also offer ala-carte menus for a quick break fast, and a tantalising list of desserts to choose from and pair up with your meals! Check out the full menu from their Facebook page. 🤩Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: Single orders ($25-$40, depending on number of pax); Monthly orders ($500-$785, depending on number of pax)To order: Whatsapp 90121475 Facebook | Instagram

7. Muslim Delights Wedding Services

Credit: @sebastiansimss for InstagramThey are famous for being one of the top Malay-Muslim wedding and catering service providers in Singapore, so rest assured that your tingkat meals will be extremely grand! What’s even better is that the prices are kept affordable, so you can eat decadent, high-quality meals at good prices! They offer all your favourite wedding meals that range from Malay to Indian fare such as sotong masak hitam (squid in black ink stew) and mutton briyani so get your tummies ready. Check out the full menu on their Facebook page. 😋Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: Weekdays only, 20-day package ($570-$880, depending on number of pax), 10-day package ($300-$460, depending on number of pax)To order: Whatsapp 94874055/96330261Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Hajjah Maimunah

Credit: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering for Facebook This stall requires no introduction at all. Constantly buzzing with the lunch crowd, this restaurant is widely frequented for their kampung-styled traditional Malay and Indonesian cuisine, and they have returned with their highly popular tingkat meals! You can definitely expect all your tasty favourites such as Khalasan Fried Chicken, Bakso Soup and more! Did we mention that Hajjah Maimumah is the only Michellin-awarded nasi padang eatery in Singapore? So rest assured that your meals are of high quality and perfect to energize you for all your Ramadhan activities! Check out the full menu on their Facebook page. 🤤Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: Weekdays only ($135-$315, depending on the number of pax)To order: Click on this linkWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

9. Absolute Meals

Credit: @absolutemeals for Instagram Apart from the delicious Malay and Western fare you love, Absolute Meals also offer a special menu just for kids! From aglio olio pastas, to fish sticks, your kids will be spoilt for choice! What's unique about Absolute Meals is that they offer a single delivery for either sahur or iftar according to the number of pax you're ordering for if you choose not to order for an entire month! It's perfect for those extra busy days or days where you're a little tired to head out, but you're not up to cook up a feast! 😍 Do note though you should always order much earlier to avoid disappointment. Check out the full menu by dropping them a message on their Whatsapp! Halal status: Muslim-owned Price: $24-$35 (for single deliveries); $450-$680 (for 20 days) To order: Click on this linkFacebook | Instagram

10. The Landmark Hotel

Credit: The Landmark for Facebook  Whether you’re dining with your huge family or group of friends, The Landmark is an eatery that everyone should turn to for a flavourful dining experience. With endless dishes across 12 cuisines, this is a go-to place that has something for everyone! Now you can bring home the hotel buffet experience right at your home! The Landmark Hotel offers iftar meals that consists of all your favourites: ayam lemak cili padi, chicken dum briyani, and international dishes such as the Iranian shirazi salad and baklava! Check out the full menu on their Facebook page 😍 Halal status: Halal-certified Price: Weekday iftars ($133-$560; depending on the number of pax) To order: Click on this linkWebsiteFacebook | InstagramStart placing your orders for these 10 halal tingkat deliveries and take a breather this Ramadan while you focus on your ibadah!