Reminiscing Thailand With Authentic Halal Thai Food At The Original Boat Noodle


Rita Razali •  Dec 29, 2021

No doubt there are plenty of halal Thai restaurants in Singapore and finding one that suits your taste buds is as easy as pie! From spicy Tom Yum soup, tasty Pad Thai to sweet Thai milk tea, there's just something about Thai food that hits the spot ? That said, our Tribes by HHWT member, Rita Razali has shared with us her great experience at none other than The Original Boat Noodle! Read on how to find out what she thinks of the eatery ?

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Travel To Thailand With Boat Noodle's Authentic Thai Dishes

Though we can now travel to Thailand, we decided not to do so to ensure safety like some other people too. With the emergence of the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron, it's better to stay put. However, we miss authentic Thai food and decided to give The Original Boat Noodles at Vivocity a try! After waiting in line, we finally managed to get a table and ordered almost all of the good stuff.

Credit: Rita Razali

Since we wanted to try almost everything, we thought it would be best to try their sharing platter. We chose their snack sampler. We tried their fish balls, vegetables fritters, chicken wings and the delicious chicken skins (they were so crispy!). Even their dips were delicious!

Next, of course we had to order their signature noodle bowls. At only $1.50 per bowl, we just had to order more. 10 bowls to be exact! We got every single flavour they had to offer but our favourite was the creamy Tom Yum flavour so we ordered more bowls of it. One slurp and everything is all gone so my advice... order more the first time round so you can continue to slurp one bowl after another. Haha.

Credit: Rita Razali

Other than that, we also tasted some dishes from Wok on Fire. Their Pad Thai is a must-try because it's too good to be true! The Pad Thai tastes so authentic that it will transport you to Thailand with every bite.

Credit: Rita Razali

If you like something spicy, Sambal Fried Rice is a good choice too! Next, we just had to try their Thai fish cakes and we were not disappointed. Everything tasted delicious!

Credit: Rita Razali

As for dessert, we tried the steamed buns with kaya (Sangkaaya bread) to end our dinner on a sweet note. We will definitely come again to try other dishes but for now, our Thai food cravings have been satisfied!

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