Free-Flow Seafood & Stunning Sea View: New Muslim-Owned Steamboat Resto Opens At Boat Quay!


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Nov 08, 2021

There are plenty of halal seafood restaurants across Singapore for any kind of special occasions. If you're staying in the Quays and want to eat delicious seafood steamboat with a variety of desserts to end your meal on a sweet note, then Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill is the spot you should go! It just opened at Boat Quay and make sure you choose the outdoor seating by the riverside to enjoy your fresh food with a stunning view.

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Free-Flow Seafood, Drinks & Dessert at Farah Diana Steamboat

Credit: Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill on Facebook 

Having just opened this new location at Boat Quay on Nov 4, come and experience one of the best steamboat meals that you'll ever have here! Their new outlet is bigger and better as not only would you have a beautiful view of the riverside but you can enjoy a 90-minute free-flow of seafood, drinks and desserts. You're gonna be happier to know their marinated meats for grilling are free-flowing as well for customers.

Credit: Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill on Facebook

For the steamboat, you'll have a choice between spicy Tom Yum soup or the umami Chicken soup. Both will just taste as amazing when you cook with your favourite seafood selections. As pictured above, they have an assortment of fresh seafood like shellfish, crabs and prawns to choose from. If you are unsure of which to pick, worry not as you can return to the station again later to cook more.

Credit: Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill on Facebook

Not a huge fan of seafood? Meat lovers will enjoy this restaurant too as they a wide range of well-marinated meat with different flavours as well. Dipping these tasty meat or chicken in Tom Yum or Chicken soup will invite an explosion of flavours into your mouth. These meat and chicken can also be grilled to bring out the strong grilled meaty edge. Cleanse your palette with fresh veggies and mix your soup with noodles of your type! They've got the classic curly Maggi noodles, yellow mee noodles or thin rice vermicelli to enjoy with your mouthwatering hot soup.

If you're planning for a staycation at Boat Quay (check out Heritage Collection's beautiful boutique hotel in the Quays) then do come to Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill to have one of the best halal seafood steamboat dinner with your loved ones. Don't forget to reserve a table before heading here to avoid the crowd through their Whataspp. Prices start at $32.90 per adult for the 90-minute buffet but children and senior citizens only have to pay $25.90 and $28.90.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 73 Boat Quay, Singapore 049861

Opening hours: Daily, 4PM-11PM

Contact: +65 87861229

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