[NEW] Hawker Stall Sells Halal Smoked & Grilled Steaks For Less Than $13/Pax!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Mar 23, 2022

Meat lovers unite!? There's a new Muslim-owned hawker stall at Jalan Berseh Food Centre that serves up some of the best halal steaks in Singapore, all for an affordable price ? You absolutely have to check it out: from delicious steaks to savoury burgers and juicy smoked meats, they've got it all. ??

Best Halal Steaks In Singapore

Credit: kimmanz12 on Instagram

Looking for a meaty feast that's hard to beat? Drop by Salai M'an, a Muslim-owned hawker stall found at Jalan Berseh food centre. Their menu includes over 15 delicious halal steaks, burgers and smoked meats - not including the wide variety of side dishes, hotdogs and extras!

Credit: kimmanz12 on Instagram

We're going to start with the star of the show: Salai M'an's 4 Pax Heart Attack ($49.90)Made up of 300g juicy smoked brisket, 150g ribeye steak, smoked lamb chop, 2 Smoke beef sausages and a choice of 4 sides, Salai M'an's delicious juicy meats feast is definitely not for the faint hearted.

If you're looking for a milder challenge though, you might want to opt for the 2 Pax Salai Combo ($32.90) instead! With half the weight of juicy smoked brisket, 150g of ribeye steak, smoked lamb chop, smoked beef sausage and a choice of 3 sides, this manageable yet just as extraordinary feast is perfect for a meat-lovers' date.

By the way, they've got 10 yummy sides for you to choose form, including childhood favourites Mac & Cheez, Grilled Korn, Chilli Beef and more! ?

Credit: kimmanz12 on Instagram

Other yummy dishes include the Mexicana Hotdog, a spicy blend of tomato salsa, spicy mayo and melted cheddar for just $6.90, or the 10 different types of delicious burgers!

Choose from classics like the BLT Special ($6.90) or Classic Chezzy ($6), for a cheesy treat. Or bite into unique fusions like the Rendang Kampong ($7), a flavourful blend of the famous Malay dish, Rendang, paired with grilled beef patty and fresh onions.

Honestly, at Salai M'an, there are so many options to choose from - we can't list them all! You'll just have to check them out for yourself ? What are you waiting for? Share this with your fellow meat-lovers for a tantalising feast in a hawker centre, no less!

Salai M'an 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned