14 Halal Food Items You Can Find At The New Don Don Donki Outlet At Jewel Changi Airport


Syahirah Mazlan •  Oct 08, 2023

If you love snack shopping as much as we do, you’ll be excited to know that Don Don Donki has just opened at Jewel Changi Airport and with a designated halal food section! Perfect for the Muslim traveller who misses Japan or is looking for foreign snacks and desserts, you won’t want to miss the exciting selection of goodies here. Here are 14 Muslim-friendly and halal food items you can find at the exclusively at the new Don Don Donki outlet in Jewel!

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Halal snacks

1. Mochikon

Found in the halal section, you definitely won’t miss this snack as you’re walking by because it stands out! Choose from two flavours of mochi - brown sugar and matcha. On top of being labelled as a ‘healthy snack’, it’s halal-certified and vegan-friendly! Not to mention, there’s a cute Kumamon (a famous Japanese bear character) on the packaging that’s giving you a thumb’s up. How cute is that?

2. Specialty fruit drinks

If you’re someone who can’t go a few steps without taking a sip of a cold and sweet beverage (especially while shopping), then you have to check out Don Don Donki’s Furu Furu Fruit Parlor! There’s a huge selection of refreshing fruit juices from Grape Juice to Yuzu Sodas and much more. You can even enjoy shaved ice here! It’s all made to order!

3. Sweet potato cake

Here’s one exciting snack you’ll want to try. It’s a sweet potato cake which makes for a perfect gift! It comes in a small, medium and large sized box for your convenience. Whether you’re grabbing a last minute souvenir from the store on your trip back, or for gifting, the packaging is luxurious enough to impress (and it’s halal too!).

4. Puru Puru jelly drinks

Enjoy the sweet and fruity jelly drinks without worry! The halal section offers a whole shelf filled with various Puru Puru jelly drink flavours from peach to mango and even matcha. It’s a treat regardless of your age.

5. Cream-filled desserts

It’s not a secret that Don Don Donki is known for its cream-filled desserts but have you seen fruit cakes and dorayaki stuffed with red beans and cream? You can get freshly made cream desserts from Furu Furu Fruit Parlor along with fruit drinks and juices! P.S. HHWT has checked with the staff that the cream-filled desserts don't contain lard or alcohol, however, do note that the jelly desserts contain gelatin and the chocolate-covered marshmallows contain alcohol, do purchase with discretion. (Updated as of 7 October 2023)

6. Latte sachets (powdered drinks)

Are you always disappointed by the taste of expensive cafe-style lattes? Make your own Japanese latte from a sachet packet at just $1.80! There are many flavours to choose from including matcha, hojicha and even sweet potato lattes.

7. Miso paste

Looking to cook your very own Japanese meals? Don Don Donki at Jewel has a whole shelf dedicated to halal-certified Japanese products and the shelf with huge tubs of Miso paste is just one of them. From halal curry pastes to seasonings, you can shop without worrying about the ingredients at this outlet!

8. Dashi soy sauce

If that Japanese recipe you’re following calls for Dashi soy sauce, here’s where you can find the halal version of it! No longer do you need to ponder about where to get soy sauce that doesn’t contain alcohol or mirin. Don Don Donki sells all kinds of halal sauces you need to nail that recipe!

9. Honolu ramen powder

If you’ve been to Japan before, there’s a high chance you’ve heard (or even dined at) the halal-certified Honolu ramen in Tokyo. Don’t worry about missing the flavours too much because you can replicate it back home with this halal Honolu ramen powder! It’s essentially a one pot recipe now, so make sure to grab a few packs of this seasoning to keep for when you’re really craving some authentic Japanese ramen!

P.S. Planning for a trip to Tokyo? Check out the ultimate guide to halal food in Tokyofor some meal ideas!

10. Drip coffee

We know what you’re thinking: “Don Don Donki sells drip coffee?!” And the answer is YES! Stacked up tall at the entrance of the storefront, you won’t miss the tower of drip coffee right in front of you. Enjoy exotic blends and dark roasted coffee in a box! It’s a great gift for the coffee addict in your life too!

11. Yuzu Ponzu

Yuzu Ponzu is a smoky, umami-packed sauce that makes a delicious marinade or dipping sauce! It has the citrusy flavour of yuzu juice and the salty, smoky flavour of soy sauce mixed into one. A halal version is really difficult to find but now you can finally purchase one at Don Don Donki! Dip your chicken karaage and gyoza into this delicious sauce without the feeling of missing out.

12. UFO ramen

What’s a trip to Japan without ramen? If you can’t travel just yet (although you’re at an airport), enjoy halal-certified ramen at Don Don Donki instead! Shopping for this ramen in other grocery stores is a little different because you won’t get to choose from the whole selection whereas all the flavours are in one place here. Choose from Pepper Crab, Takoyaki and Carbonara depending on your cravings!

Hot foods

13. Roasted sweet potato

No visit to Don Don Donki is complete without grabbing a couple of their iconic roasted sweet potatoes right as you’re headed for the cashier! Make sure you check out their hot foods section for these (they’re on a large tray) because they can be easy to miss.

14. Fish/Soba bentos

HHWT spoke with the staff members at Don Don Donki to find out if any of their hot/cold foods were Muslim-friendly and we think we’ve finally found one! The fish and meats at this outlet are prepared in separate kitchens far apart from each other. So if you’re craving for some tempura, crab leg, unagi and other fish bentos and hot foods, you’ll be glad to know that there is no cross-contamination with their meats during preparations!

Note: While the fish and meats are prepared in separate kitchens, the staff are unable to confirm the halal status of the sauces used in the bento. We advise you purchase at your own discretion.

It was an exciting experience visiting the first Don Don Donki outlet to have a designated halal section for Muslims to purchase halal Japanese food items without the worry! To see Singapore’s progress towards inclusivity like this makes the overall shopping experience the most pleasant it’s ever been. We urge you to go check out Don Don Donki’s Jewel outlet and see for yourself the display and variety you can choose from. Don’t be shy to ask the staff for assistance if you’re unsure of the item or ingredients, they’ll be happy to help! ✨