16 Halal Snacks You Must Buy At Bangkok's Big C Supermarket


Iyesha Maria •  Aug 07, 2023

As many of us know, Bangkok is a shopping haven. Whether it's luxury goods, mid-range goods, bargain goods, shoes, clothes, accessories, electronics, and so on! With streets sprawling with giant malls, Bangkok truly is a shop-a-holics dream! But did you know you could shop for plenty of halal snacks too? Stock up on the best halal snacks for yourself to indulge in as you explore Thailand, or bring them back as souvenirs for friends and family.

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Your one-stop shop to find plenty of halal snacks is at Big C Supercenter, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Thailand! With its affordable price and variety of goods available, don't be shocked to see both tourists and locals flocking the supermarket stocking up on their own goodies too!

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Credit: @won_87man on Instagram There are many Big C Supercenter outlets all across Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, but one particular outlet deserves a special mention - the Big C Supercenter in Radjamari, the biggest hypermarket in the country! The Radjamari outlet is located opposite Central World and is only a 5-minute walk from the Chit Lom BTS Station. One of the best parts? The halal goods you can find here aren't limited to Thai products. You can get a decent variety of halal-certified Japanese products too! Don't need to fly all the way to Tokyo and hunt down halal Pockys anymore ?P.S. First time to Bangkok? Here are 8 essential and Muslim-Friendly tips you should know!
Credit: @meiyan on Instagram

Halal status of snacks

But before we proceed to the snacks, we'd like to suggest that readers keep a lookout for this halal logo when purchasing products. There are plenty of goods besides snacks that may have the halal logo too ?

Credit: Central Islamic Committee Of Thailand And on to the 16 snacks you should not miss out on at the Big C Supercentre! Disclaimer: As of 16 July 2022, all the products featured are Halal-certified based on our research, and product packaging shown in this article may vary from those available at Big C Supercenter. 

1. Meiji Paigen Culture Drinks

Credit: @saltray on Instagram

A healthy snack perfect to start the day with! Meiji Paigen's culture drinking yoghurt is the perfect size for your daily dose of probiotics ? Grab a single bottle, or a 6-pack which comes with a variety of flavours such as original, orange and apple! P.S. Haven't started planning your Bangkok itinerary yet? Here's a 4D3N Bangkok Muslim-friendly itinerary to explore the city like a pro

2. Meiji Yoghurt

Credit: @diarypimphi on Instagram A cool yoghurt on a hot sunny day is just what you need! Or maybe as a midday snack at work ? Stock up on a variety of flavours such as this smooth and tasty grape flavoured yoghurt!

3. Tasto Chips

Credit: @cindytph314 on Instagram Who can say no to tasty savoury potato chips? We know we can't! Snack away on delicious Tasto chips which comes in a variety of flavours such as original, Sam Rod (spicy, sweet and sour), seaweed, salt & sour, and crab curry!
Credit: @baby.barbie.baby on Instagram With so many flavours to choose from, you'll be snacking your trip away and might have to take another trip to Big C Supercenter to re-stock your snacks to bring home. P.S. Looking for Halal food in Bangkok? Here are 23 popular halal food in Bangkok sorted by shopping areas!

4. Party Chips

Credit: @enjoymentwithapple on Instagram Pop some Party biscuits on the go! These crunchy sweet potato delights will surely entice you with its caramelized flavours, sweet to perfection ? There's more than just caramel too. Enjoy a caramel-coated sweet potato with banana and chocolate flavour, or a Thai speciality flavour, the Krong Krang (sweet, salty and spice). With all these awesome flavours, you'll be having a party in your mouth!

5. Campus Chocolate Biscuits

Credit: @cheerycherryo on Instagram A favourite among the local kids, and it's no surprise why. Pop a packet open and you'll immediately smell the aroma of tasty chocolate coated chips. Perfect for the chocolate lovers out there ?[P.S. Looking for more than just snack shopping in Bangkok? Here are 16 shopping spots in Bangkok that are near halal eateries]

6. Manora Shrimp Chips

Credit: @mipooo_21 on Instagram Shrimp chips are a favourite among many Thai locals, and even in some other parts of Southeast Asia. The Manora Shrimp Chips have been around since 1965 and have remained a favourite for many ever since. Don't be surprised to find some restaurants serving it together with your mains or as a starter.

7. Manora Taro Chips (uncooked version available at Big C)

Credit: @fatkidstory on Instagram These irresistible Taro flavoured snack, made with actual taro pulp, is a unique flavour uncommon in chips! For those of us who are unfamiliar with Taro, it is a root found in Southeast Asia, with a similar texture to potato. Its taste is said to be in between that of potato and sweet potato ?

8. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed Snacks

Credit: @harihenmade on Instagram For the healthier lot of us, indulge away in delicious seaweed snacks ? The best part about Tao Kae Noi seaweed is its selection of flavours. Indulge in seaweed with flavours such as classic, cheese, tom yum goong, durian, hot & spice, tempura (seaweed fried in tempura batter) and squid! With this many flavours, we'll be matching our seaweed snacks to our daily outfits!

9. Fruit King Dried Fruit Snacks

Credit: Fruit King on Facebook Durian lovers, where are you? Pack some crispy Mon Thing snacks back home for your loved ones (and more for yourself). Enjoy biting into delicious natural durian flavours while enjoying a coffee during a Netflix session, or use it to introduce the delicious taste of durians to your friends who are not a fan of durians, it might change their mind! P.S. Planning an all-girls trip to Bangkok? Here's your Muslim-friendly guide for an epic girl's only trip to Bangkok!

10. Green Tea Kit Kat

Credit: @forkandvalise on Instagram Green Tea Kit Kat may be a product of Japan, but hey, Big C Supercenter has the halal version of us to enjoy ? Don't be spooked out by its green chocolate, the green matcha gives it a unique flavour of creamy milky chocolatey taste fused with matcha and with Kit Kat's iconic wafer crust!

11. Koh Kae Peanut Snacks

Credit: @mypursuitfor on Instagram So many different peanut flavours, how will we decide which ones to buy? You just got to buy all ? Snack away with its perfect balance of crunchiness, saltiness, and its variety of flavours. Satisfy your palette with classic Thai flavours such as shrimp, coconut milk or chicken, or let your tastebuds dance with unique flavours such as wasabi, honey or barbecue!

12. Pocky

Credit: Ngân Toành on Facebook Who doesn't love Pocky? These internationally-known sticks coated in various chocolate flavours have been a favourite among many from their childhood years up and into adulthood ?  Find plenty of the halal version at Big C Supercenter and try a variety of flavours ranging from the classic chocolate, banana, mango, strawberry, or blueberry cream!

13. Collon

Credit: Feed Me Davao on Facebook Take a bite into Collon biscuits, and experience an explosion of delicious cream that'll send you to heaven! Collon's biscuits are well-known for its delicious crunch and flavourful cream ? Indulge in three different flavours which are classic cream, chocolate and strawberry.

14. Pejoy

 Credit: Gabriel's Trading on Facebook Crisp biscuit sticks filled with cream? We're definitely down for it! Indulge in these premium chocolate selections to snack on while on the go, or bring some back for souvenirs - your friends and family will thank you for it! Try their classic sticks with chocolate filling, or take it up a notch with cookie sticks filled with cream! 15. Freeze Dried Durian Snacks
Credit: Greenday Any durian lover will understand the pain of trying to enjoy this fruit on a daily basis - in the office for example. The smell may be too overbearing for those around you! ? An alternative you can try is Freeze Dried Durians! They're crispy and very unique. 16. Dried Mango
The most iconic snack in Thailand has definitely to be their Dried Mango! It's a must when it comes to buying snacks and sharing them with your loved ones back home. ? Sweet and chewy, its addictive and easy to munch on wherever you are. And there you have it, 16 awesome totally halal snacks you can get at Big C Supercenter in Bangkok. It's time to buy that extra weight for your flight luggage, you know you're going to need it with all the snacks you're going to bring back home to share (hopefully) with friends and family!

Go cashless when shopping in Thailand

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