This Ryokan In Japan Is The Only Place That Offers Halal Meals In The Hot Springs City Of Hitoyoshi (With Private Bath!)


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jan 16, 2023

What’s not to love about Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn)? It’s peaceful, traditional, and more often than not, has a hot spring in it! ? Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato in Hitoyoshi City southern Kumamoto Prefecture is famous for its hot spring and Aoi Aso Shrine, the only national treasure in the Prefecture. On top of that, it’s the ONLY Ryokan in the area that serves halal-certified meals for you to enjoy after you take a good ol’ soak in your very own private hot springs!

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Credit: Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato

Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato is the only halal-certified inn in the Kuma River area, offering a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere and halal meals including Hitoyoshi's halal wagyu beef. The Kuma River is said to be one of the most blessed hidden gems in Japan, protected with care over 700 years by the Sagara clan, and so it possesses many riches than have been inherited and refined! ✨ It is also the fastest-moving river in Japan, so why not grab a cup of matcha and enjoy nature?

Credit: Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato

If you’re someone who enjoys long road trips, this is one you should embark on! The best way to reach the Ryokan is by taking Highway bus Kirishima (approximately a 40 minute ride) to Hitoyoshi interchange, followed by a quick 5 minute taxi ride directly to the inn.

Credit: Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato

Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato offers family-friendly rooms and commodities, for guests visiting with children or larger families. You can opt for the Suite with Private Outdoor Bath which lets you enjoy a private open air hot springs bath in your very own room! As you open the room’s folding door, the terrace and living room merge into a single ample space with a panoramic view of the Kuma River and the Southern Kyushu Mountains. ?

If you start hearing the tummy grumbles, you’re going to fall in love with this Ryokan because it serves halal meals! Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato uses meats that are halal-certified. When booking your stay, make sure to request for halal food as they do also offer non-halal options. Dishes are not dedicated for halal meals; however, the inn can provide disposable cups, chopsticks and plates with request.

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Hotel & Ryokan Ayu no Sato

Address: 30 Kokonokamachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto 868-0004, Japan

Price: From SGD430 per night

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