8 Eateries In Singapore That Are Open During Chinese New Year

8 Halal Restaurants In Singapore That Are Open During Chinese New Year 2024


Qistina Roslan •  Feb 02, 2024

As the festive cheer of Chinese New Year engulfs the vibrant streets of Singapore, the quest for halal culinary delights leads many Muslim families on an exciting journey. Here are 8 halal eateries in Singapore where you can savour the joy of the season, keeping your little ones smiling and your family traditions intact.

Note: Some eateries are closed only on CNY Eve, the first day and/or the second day!

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1. Kucina Italian Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Kucina is your go-to for an Italian feast. The warm, family-friendly ambiance is perfect for your little ones, while the authentic halal Italian dishes, from creamy pastas to cheesy pizzas, are a treat for everyone. Share a family-sized lasagna and watch your children's eyes light up with joy!

2. Positano Risto

Craving Mediterranean by the bay? Positano Risto offers a scenic dining experience with a menu that's halal and heartwarming. The child-friendly setting ensures your little ones are well entertained, while you indulge in the rich, flavorful Mediterranean delights.

3. The Dim Sum Place

Introduce your children to the art of sharing with halal dim sum baskets at The Dim Sum Place. Bite-sized delights filled with flavor, perfect for little hands and big appetites, will make your family meal both fun and memorable.

4. Afterwit - Mexican Taqueria

Inject some fiesta into your holiday with Afterwit's halal Mexican offerings. The vibrant décor and kid-friendly meals make it a hit with families. Dive into a platter of tacos and watch your children giggle with the joy of messy eating.

5. Badoque Café

Generous portions and a menu diverse enough to cater to every family member's craving, Badoque Café is a dream for families with hearty appetites. The laid-back vibe makes it a comfortable spot for children, ensuring a relaxed dining experience for everyone.

6. Tang Tea House Hong Kong Café

For a casual family meal infused with the essence of Hong Kong, Tang Tea House is your destination. Halal-certified and bustling with an array of dishes, it's a place where every family member finds their favourite.

Note: They are closed on the eve of CNY (9 Feb) but will be open from 10 Feb onwards!

7. Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

At Fika, introduce your children to the cosy comforts of Swedish cuisine, all halal-certified. The tranquil ambience makes it a peaceful retreat for families, away from the festive bustle.

8. IndoChili

Dive into the rich, aromatic world of Indonesian cuisine at IndoChili. It's a splendid spot for families seeking a culinary adventure, with dishes that are as vibrant as the Chinese New Year celebrations.

This Chinese New Year, let the tapestry of flavours at these 8 halal eateries in Singapore add to your family's festive cheer. Amidst the dragon dances and the lanterns' glow, find a moment of joy over a shared meal, creating memories that your little ones will cherish for years to come. Here's to a festive feast that's as inclusive as it is delightful. Happy dining, and an even happier Chinese New Year!