Popular Halal Ramen Ayam-YA From Japan Is Now Available Online


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 14, 2022

One of our favourite halal ramen stalls in Japan, Ayam-YA is now selling its delicious ramen online! A popular spot for Muslim travellers to Japan, you can now indulge in their yummy chicken-based broth whenever you're up for a comforting bowl of halal ramen ? For now, they're only delivering it to customers in Japan though. Nevertheless, let's check out what they have on offer! ?

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Ayam-YA Sells Their Famed Ramen Online In Japan

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For now, they're offering two types of ramen: flavourful shoyu ramen and their popular spicy ramen ? Their ramen is sold in packs of either one, five, 10 or 20 sets (we bet you're eyeing that 20-piece per pack). Each set consists of frozen noodles, a frozen soup packet, kaeshi sauce (soy sauce, kelp, bonito, mirin-style seasoning, sugar), and spicy sauce for the spicy ramen, which uses chilli pepper, cayenne pepper and white sesame oil. All of the items do not contain any pork or alcoholic ingredients and obtained halal certification.

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The process to prepare yourself a bowl of Ayam-YA's tasty ramen is easy to follow as well, and you can look for their detailed cooking instructions in the product information. You'll need two pots; a larger one to boil the noodles and a smaller one to heat up the soup. Once the water boiled, put the frozen soup pack in the small pot and let it heat for 8 minutes. When the water in the large pot is boiled, insert the frozen noodles and boil for 3 minutes while stirring it with chopsticks. Here's a little tip: pour some of the boiled water from the larger one into the ramen bowl and lay it to rest for a while. A heated bowl makes the ramen taste more delicious! ? Remember to throw the hotel water from the bowl before pouring the soup! Drain the water from the noodles, add into your ramen bowl and you're done! You can add as many toppings as you like such as green onions, chicken slices, and more.

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Since it's Ayam-YA, you don't even need to be worried about its quality and taste. Many customers have praised the noodles to be as good as the original! We're still pretty bummed that they're only delivering to Japan, but we're hoping they'll deliver overseas too! ? For now, we can have a slice of Japan right here in Singapore and Malaysia ? Check out the articles below on where you should head out when you're craving some halal Japanese food:

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