This Muslim-Owned Pontianak-Themed Cafe In KL Is Not For The Faint-Hearted


Qistina Bumidin •  Aug 11, 2022

If you're a huge fan of horror, this cafe located in Danau Kota, Kuala Lumpur, is your cup of tea. Paku dan Pontianak is adding a spooky twist to your usual cafe-hopping runs with all things related to the legendary white lady of Malay horror folklore, pontianak! ?

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Walk past the blood-red curtains, and be in awe (or fear ?) over the eerie vibes of this cafe. White cloths are draped over the lights as if to mimic Cik Pon herself being right there. Follow down the red carpet (or is it a bloody trail, perhaps?), and you'll see a corner dedicated to all the thrills of Pontianak. From antique dressing tables to exquisite kebaya pieces and even a wooden board nailed to the wall, it's bound to take your breath away (in a good way, hopefully ? ).

There are also informational pieces about the origin of this folklore plastered all over the walls! For starters, the name Paku and Pontianak comes from the fact that a nail (or paku in Malay) must be plunged into the hold on the nape of the pontianak's neck to fend it off. This is said to make her a beautiful woman and a good wife until the nail is removed ?

Credit: @pakudanpontianak for Instagram

The menu is as crowd-pleasing as this concept cafe! The Chicken Cordon Bleu with Dijon Cream is a popular choice among patrons. Deep fried to golden perfection, it satisfies the makings of a good fried chicken - crispy on the outside and moist on the inside ? The plus point, however, lies in the Dijon Cream Sauce. Its creamy tart taste adds a whole dimension of flavours, almost otherworldly (pun intended ?).

Credit: @pakudanpontianak for Instagram

Another favourite would be the Salted Egg Pasta with Popcorn Chicken. Like how our fascination with Cik Pon and other horror lore never ends, so does our love for salted eggs. Buttery, creamy and delicious - it's a comfort dish you must try! ?

Credit: Amirah Sukor on Google

Many other options on the menu are to die for (again, pun intended ?), such as Chicken Butter Rice, Seafood Aglio Olio and more! If you dare, it's time to add this unique, unforgettable spot to your cafe that runs now! ?

Paku Dan Pontianak

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 4/23B Street, Lake City Park, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 4pm-11:30pm daily