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8 Halal Neighbourhood Bread Shops In Singapore For On-The-Go Bread Lovers


Syahirah •  Aug 02, 2022


Living in Singapore, we’re fortunate enough to have delicious food easily accessible at almost every corner! And there’s something for everyone at every budget. 😁 Now, when talking about baked goods, not everyone has the time to visit artisan bakeries for breakfast bread especially on weekdays. So, we’ve gathered 8 halal neighbourhood bread shops in Singapore to make your bread runs more convenient!Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

1. Swee Heng Bakery

Calling themselves ‘The Bakery of The People’, Swee Heng Bakery has been passionately in the business since 1989 (they even have a subsidiary called Swee Heng 1989!).  😉 This halal certified neighbourhood bakery sells everything from plain breads and donuts, to cakes and freshly baked savoury breads. The flavours here cater to a more local palate! Not to mention, the prices are super affordable - even for their cakes! 😍 The must-try here is their Hand Tear Bun, a tall bread bun that has the texture of a buttery croissant and you can tear and eat it in thick and soft layers.Address & Opening hours:Click here for the full listWebsite | Facebook

2. PrimaDeli

Known for their fluffy pandan waffles and delicious baguette breads, PrimaDeli never disappoints when it comes to breakfast breads and snacks! 😄 Most people would only visit here for cakes but don’t forget to try their delicious and buttery egg tarts and mushroom and sausage buns. Be on the look out for their limited edition goodies like their Oreo waffles and Le Le birthday cake (in celebration of the adorable baby panda Le Le’s first birthday!).Address & Opening hours: Click here for the full listWebsite | Instagram

3. S.T Bakery

This unassuming bakery is the best place for grab-and-go bread! They’re also known for their waffles and traditional cake flavours (Orh nee). From chocolate cinnamon rolls to chicken floss buns, the freshly baked bread here is guaranteed to get you excited for the day! 😃 P.S. In the evenings, you can get bread and buns in bundles at low prices!Facebook

4. Bread Junction

Established in 2004, Bread Junction has become one of the go-to bakeries for halal breads and pastries in shopping malls.Their products have a local, traditional appearance, but with Japanese style recipes. 😄 Furthermore, most of them are made with imported Japanese flour. A famous Japanese baker, Mr Tachihara Itaru, consults with Bread Junction when deciding on recipes! That way, you know they put in their love and passion into their bread making process.Website | Instagram

5. Bake Inc

Bake Inc began as a small, family-run bakery in 2003, providing daily bread and pastries to local communities. As a homely neighbourhood bakery chain in Singapore, they have built a reputation for offering halal-certified quality baked products. 🤗 The clean and minimalistic bakery offers fresh and delicious options like Oreo chocolate buns, Hokkaido milk buns, and much more!Address & Opening hours: Click here for the full listWebsite | Instagram

6. Delifrance

For over 30 years, Delifrance has been providing fresh and tasty breads and pastries. Known for their croissants and fruit tarts, you can just get these for on-the-go or sit at their cafe and enjoy them fresh! 😁 Driven by French food culture, Delifrance wants to bring delicious and healthy food to the table whenever they can. Even so, you can find Delifrance at over 10 locations in Singapore!Address & Opening hours: Click here for the full listWebsite | Instagram

7. Bread Fresh

Found mostly in the North and Central areas of Singapore, Bread Fresh is your one stop shop for halal bread and bakes of various kinds! Try their freshly baked mini baguette breads that have a crispy and flakey golden outside and fluffy and soft inside. And if you’re craving for wife biscuits, egg tarts and more, Bread Fresh has those and more!Facebook

8. iBread

This Muslim-friendly bakery offers delicious freshly baked goods like almond coffee breads with raisin bits (it's super delicious!), custard buns and much more! 😊 Using halal-certified ingredients this neighbourhood bakery is always stocked with warm breads of every flavour and taste you could ever want. Make sure you try their Kit Kat waffles that are super satisfying for any sweet tooth. And if you like soft and cakey scones, their cranberry scones are a tasty treat too!Address & Opening hours: Click here for the full listWebsite | InstagramIf you’re a bread lover and need a convenient bread shop to shop for your loot, here they are! 😉 These places are conveniently located in the neighbourhood areas and you won’t have to worry about going out of your way to enjoy some freshly baked goodies!